Cutouts randomly and bumps

So this is my 3rd VESC now. All have been Ollins direct v1.1 esc. I had the standard drv fault the first two times. But on the second vesc, there was always cutouts randomly, usually around high load, or if I hit bricks then it would cut out. Cutouts would normally only last about .25 seconds, but sometimes after bumps they can last up to 5 seconds without any control.

I read that it could be because the receiver is too close to my esc, so I moved it as far away as I could inside of my enclosure. I haven’t had enough time to test to see if it is fixed. Is there anything else that it could be?

No Faults btw. Active bluetooth monitoring has been on at all times.

what remote are you using?

yes emf generated around wires can interrupt radio signal.

Currently Alien power systems remote.

Just ordered a steez remote to replace it tho.

If you are experiencing cut out over bumps I would think that it may be a loose connection perhaps?

I wish that was the issue, all of my connectors are tight and heatshrinked. For the last few months, my receiver has sat right next to my esc sometimes close enough to touch btw.

Is this the one we repaired? If you run out of ideas we can swap it out for a fresh unit and see if that solves it.

This is the one you repaired, I really don’t think it is the vesc, because it was happening before on another vesc without faults. But if nothing else works I’ll let you know.

5 seconds sounds like a reboot. Check your battery cables and soldered connections towards the battery pack. I bet you are breaking a connection momentarily.

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Haven’t had any more issues yet today. Looks like the receiver location was the problem!

I’m using the Mini RC controller with the receiver mounted right between 2 vescs and no problems. You might give the Mini RC a try if the steez doesn’t work out. The Mini RC has a strong transmitter and receiver.

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