Cutting hanger aluminum?

anyone who’s cut the hanger aluminum back to expose more axle for a pulley have any suggestions on best ways to do it? I’d like to cut maybe an inch and a half, a lot, and don’t want to join tech shop to get on a lathe if it can be done somewhat simply with a dremel or something. I think the raptor had all it’s hangers cut down a bit for the pulley, no?

anyone find it easier to bend?

but i’d have to get to techshop to use that tool too. practically a lathe.

Just looked like a to me, if u r anywhere close to Alabama u can borrow mine.

This might help, took me awhile to find it. Couldn’t remember where I’d seen it.

Also, there’s a YouTube video, I think @psychotiller did it, that shows how to trim hangers with just a Dremel. I’ll see if I can find it too.

Not me, but I’m sure you can do it. Best and cleanest way I’ve done it is to chuck the hanger into a drill press or lathe and spin it slowly wile holding a file to it until its the right size.

I don’t remember where I saw it, I hate when that happens. I actually wanted to remember for myself, gonna try and cut down some mountain board hangers before long.

It was @longhairedboy , but you can still use a regular saw and go with you feeling. Because the core is steal and the exterior is aluminium.

@Hummie click for video

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U rock out loud sir, I was starting to think I had imagined it :slight_smile:

Thanks folks. Looks straight forward. So Evolve and enertion both have extended axles. I haven’t heard of it being a problem with bending, encouraging. Thanks for the offer @mmaner but I’m in San Francisco.

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No worries brudda, just helping where I can :grin:. Let me know if I can do anything.

same at Unikboards, especially with my monobloc pulleys 15mm with integrated bearing. Although, I do bend trucks axles but it’s equally between shortened hangers or standard calibers. but that’s when you jump regularly … and land a bit rough !

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Hey, I got my Enertion parts a couple days ago. I have a 12mm belt/pulley system and need to modify stock Caliber II 50 trucks. Using 83mm Flywheel clones. Based on my calculations with a pair of calipers I need to remove .5 inches of material from my truck housing to expose enough of the axel to fit wheel and pulley. I did a search for this topic and read someone saying that only 7mm (.275 inches) needed to be removed. That is a big difference and I think my calculations are correct. I have watched the video of guy removing material with dremel from stock truck and it looks like .5 inches to me. Can anyone with experience comment on this?

My understanding is that the only trimming necessary is to fit the pulley bearing, which is a standard 7mm. So that is where that number come from at least, lol.