Cutting USB Ports in an enclosure

I’m kind of confused atm. I plan on mounting some USB ports on the inside of my enclosure, but how would I cut out a small rectangle? I have some simple power tools like a drill, and a jigsaw. Do I need anything special?


You could drill 4 holes at the corner than use the jigsaw to connect them. You could drill out the majority of the shape then use a file to get the details. Anyway that feels comfortable for you should work.

USB ports are small. Drill two or more holes with a drill bit who’s diameter is the same as the width of the port. Now use a small file to connect those holes into a rectangle and use the same file to square up the corners. That’s it. Jigsaw is very impractical in this setting

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Seems like that would probably work.

I don’t think I have a file that small, could you reference me to the one you’re talking about?

Doesn’t particularly matter, I just went to amazon and typed “small metal file” this one looks okay

Yup, anything like this would do a great job