Dadbod Cruiser | 2018 Landyachtz Flexy Arrow | Verreal F1 10S2P flat pack kit | Avenue RKP 180MM with custom TA BROS CNC 'Hubbie Hanger' | Ollin Popocas | Zealous Ceramics

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Less of a “build” and more of a “curated assembly” (I finished it in 20 minutes) yet it skates beautifully. Stable, safe, fast, lightweight and most of all - fun.

It’s not perfect - can still feel the hub, of course - yet I don’t think I can build a more useful all-round esk8 for $550 in retail parts.

Even with the factory Verreal kit cleaned up, this deck feels stable as f at 24 MPH (all it can do).

That’s the cool thing about this deck; 24 on this feels like 14 MPH.

22 MPH on the Mini X feels every bit of 22, and then some.

Happy building :slight_smile: and thanks @OllinBoardCompany, @donta42 and @Alphamail for making awesome stuff.

The following optional features:


Duuuude sick ride man!!! That looks frekkin funnnnn!!

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I like your floor


You would love this deck my brother. It’s not really my kind of shape.

The trucks are pushed to the edges of a big, wide, easy mellow Landyachtz’ concave and the deck flexes perfectly for this enclosure.

Here’s my review for your Hubbie hanger: makes the long rides feel like short rides (this is huge) and as a bonus, I probably won’t die from an acorn anymore haha.

everyone comments on the “chrome” in the back :slight_smile: (mostly why didn’t I chrome both sides)

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actual lol :slight_smile:

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second this, gonna need more info on that wood floor :grin: