DB freeride 38 10s4p 30q, Dual 6355 190kv, dual vesc Build

Hey Guys! So im making a new build at the moment that will be my new primary board with good range. Kit i going to have the following specs.

  • Jet vulcan kick 37.7 deck

  • 10s4p Battery with 30Q cells from Eskating

  • Enclosure 520mm from eskating

  • Diyeboard ESC with remote and 3-speed modes

  • Diyeboard Dual Belt Drive 1400W*2 N5055 Motor Power Truck kit

  • Caliper trucks with Torquemounts for adjustable belt tension (future plan).

So yesterday i recived the deck and battery now im only waiting for the diyeboard parts that will arrive on thursday.

Will post more pics as the build progresses =)


Tonight it was time to mount the griptape :slight_smile:


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Build completed!


Amazing built. Please share the feeling of the diyeboard ESC. Do you know which is the cut of current for it? I mean with 4p 30Q cells you have 80A discharge current (60 nominal but these cell are capable of more). Do you know if the esc is set for 50A? Once you tried could you tell us how smooth is it? Thx a lot man!

Hey! I have two kits from diyeboard and i like the esc that they provide, super nice with 3 speed modes. The esc is capable of 50A continnous and 120A burst.

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Thx for the answer! Would you consider the acceleration and breaking smooth? Do you have the version 2.1 of the ESC?

Sexy asf! :wink:

1.1 and smooth enough

Thx for the advice. Let us know how it goes!

A Little update to the build! So even tough i havent been able to ride the board yet due to the weather here in sweden i decided to change some parts on this build so that it will be a real beast!

New parts will be the following:

•Deck Jet Vulcan kick 37.7 •2x Vesc 4.12 •Battery 10s4p 30q cells (eskating) •Gearing 16/36t •Caliper 2 44 deg trucks. •remote enertion raptor 1. •Enclosure eskating 520mm •83mm abec clone Wheels. •2x 6355 190kv Torquemotors •2x Torque mounts •2x Vesc Sensor cables •1x canbuss connector •1x Bluetooth module. •1x 12 AWG Parallel Adapters 2-1 xt 60 connectors.

All parts has been orderd so im just waiting for it to arrive now so i can start improvning the build :slight_smile:

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It’s not just an improving. It is a completely new board :grinning:. Anyhow I am curious to see the final result.

very sound dude, I like the configuration os good skateboard parts and proven diy eskate parts…I have been eyeing that deck myself, great choice!

All parts was shipped today :ok_hand:. Installed the calibers to the deck today, looks sweet. :v:


Looking good! The red trucks look sweet! I’m about to start a build for a friend with the same deck. Do you have enough clearance between the motors and the phase wires? It’s hard to tell from the pictures.

Can you tell me where you sourced the pulley and belt cover?

Yeah there’s enough clearance with 1/4 inch riser with the diyeboard trucks (50 degrees).

With the calibers i must use 1/2 inch risers cuz they are 40 degrees.

This will not longer be used on my build

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ARe selling ?

Yupp think i will since i no longer have any use for it. I does need some 83mm wheels with abec core to fit the 35t pulleys.

Hey Mr.tree. There’s always another build that’s waiting to be built. Keep the parts :wink: