DB Pioneer 40" temp Meepo running gear -> Evolve trucks and outrigger motors

This will be my first official build (putting bought Meepo trucks and battery onto a board doesn’t count)

I’ll be picking up the DB Freeride 41" board as I have seen a few DB boards around the internet for Eskateboards and it looks like it’ll be a good crusiey board.


For the moment to get it running I’ll be throwing the Meepo gear onto the new board, but first I’ll have to look into getting a new enclosure so I don’t have to drill heaps of holes into the board.

Was looking into maybe the Evolve Gen2 (as I live in the far off land of Australia, custom options become expensive really quickly with postage)


Motors I’m torn between 5065s and go all out for 6355s.


Battery I’m probably going 10s4p (potentially going 12s4p if it’ll fit in the enclosure) This will offer heaps more range than my Backfire G2S.

As I’ll be using the board 99% for commuting everywhere, range is pretty important. ATM I can get into the City from my house JUST on one full charge riding pretty conservatively.

ESk8 ESC seem like a good option so far.

Remote and receiver is something I haven’t really put much time into researching just yet. Well open to suggestions.

I’m planning on having a go at building my own battery, have a fair amount of electronics knowledge and also access to a friend with far more than me :slight_smile: this will also mean I could potentially do a second battery for a “semi hot-swap” (may not need it with the 12s4p)

I’ll post up some photos in this of my currently Meepo Setup on a very very short board, it really tries to throw you on anything over speed setting 2 if you’re not careful with your throttle control.

The Backfire G2S is an amazing board and I love it, but the range I’m finding is letting me down. So rather than modify that which is already a great board, I figured I’ll try my hand at building something myself :smiley:

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Good luck!

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Decent deck choice! I would have gone for the same, had the shorter version not been 2x as cheap.

As for a remote: Alien Power Systems have a remote that launched recently, I wonder if anyone here on the forum has reviewed it yet.

Motors: You’ll need wide trucks to accommodate 2 of the 5065 Racestar motors. Also, the Maytech motors have a higher KV, which is important if you want to go fast on a 10s. (Of course, depends on the pulley ratio and wheel size you go with, but if you go with the standard 15:36 ratio and say, 90mm wheels, that’ll be 27mph (44kmh))

First thing I start off with when doing a build (have done only 1 though, lol), is the desired top speed. Then I look at different component combinations to get that speed, and pick the one that makes the most sense.

Best of luck!

Best way to start is to work out what you want to achieve. Do you want range over performance or vice versa or a bit of both? Whats the budget? Do you want a straight line speed machine or a carvy ride?
Most importantly whats the budget? Before you start you need to get that part nailed. Hard to help without some more info be honest.

@rusins Yeah top speed isn’t as important as range, 40km/h is plenty fast enough and wont be reached often as the sidewalks here are rubbish. I really need the larger wheels to get up a few of the gutters as there is over a 1" step to the sidewalk in some places… For the ride to work from April next year though, nearly 100% bike path :smiley: a couple people on here have the racestar 5065 on the Evolve trucks, can always space the wheels out a little with washer if I need a bit more clearance (or potentially go another 218mm wide truck)

@dareno Budget is ~$1500AUD (give or take) as that’s about the price I can get a Evolve board, but figured I’d get better range and performance building myself.

You’ll get a better board period. Go with 6355 motors because you will regret it if you don’t. You don’t need 12s for range you need that for speed. 10s4p will get similar range to the 12s4p. The only difference really will be the top speed. For a commuter and range I would go 10s5p. The HK vescs are a good solid unit as are the maytech motors. What trucks are you planning on using?

@dareno Thanks man :slight_smile: I’m looking to go the Evolve trucks at this stage, as I have a local shop who stocks them. (and the Gen 2 battery enclosure for the same reason)

Good idea then you can run all evolve gear and source it locally.
You’ll need mounts then. @marcmt88 makes mounts for the evolve supercarves. Plates that work for 63mm motors or you could make your own. :sunglasses:

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Don’t have access to CNC unfortunately, so might have to hit up Marc :slight_smile:

there you go. link for you

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It launched? Where?

Has been out of stock for a month or so I think.

Apparently it isn’t new, been available for a few years by now. Here are some reviews from people on the forum:

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The reason I asked is because they have a new one pending with telemetry to go with their pre-built board.

Bruno said there might be an option to buy it with a receiver for diy use in the future.

Any word on this @ALIENPOWERSYSTEM1 ?


HI. The option for the remote and receiver as a remote control.on is own will be available by summer. We are now focusing on the V4R. Thanks


That’s great. It’s good enough to know it’s coming. Really looking forward to that

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So there’s been a development :smiley: I didn’t get the 41" freeride as the shop didn’t have them any longer, so I now have the 40" Pioneer instead, really nice deck, but not a drop deck like the freeride, but will be just as nice.

Picked up the Evolve GT trucks as well.

Going to look into picking up wheels next pay or so, in the meantime I have just thrown some random wheels on the trucks to see how it was. damn it’s a nice flexy deck, should be good for cruising :slight_smile:


So the wheels I’ll probably end up going is the 85mm Orangatang

Then it’s on to the important parts like motors, ESC, and cells. I have a mate with a spot welder so we’ll be making the battery up after I order the cells… that’s going to be the expensive part. if anyone has a good cell provider they can hook me up with that’d be super, currently look around 350- 400$ for 50x 18650 cells

image-20181226_154304 image-20181226_153724

This is the board showing the wheelbase comparison to the Backfire. Should be a great ride


So the wait for hardwear continues. Apparently the “Australian stock” I ordered from ebay ships from Hong Kong… (go figure) so still can’t mount anything to the underside of the board.

I do have another longboard at home that I’m thinking I’ll mount the Meepo gear to (save extra holes in my DB Deck :wink: ) and also serve as a testbed so I don’t screw up the DB board as well (win win) Then potentially sell the Meepo deck to help fund the new project.

I did receive the washers I ordered, but waiting on the screws. then have to order the enclosure this week.

Still to decide on motors/ ESCs but over Christmas found out a mate has a spot welder so we can make up whatever battery set up I want or can fit into the evolve v2 enclosure. So then I’ll just have to order the cells and get that sorted too :slight_smile:

edit** Updated title of the post to reflect the deck change

So I now have the fasteners for affixing the enclosure to the board.


Now to decide which coloured washers to go with. I really really really love the look of the inserts. Very happy I chose this option rather than screws going through the beautiful top deck.

Ordered a heap of parts for the remote last night. Going to try my hand at building @solidgeek s Firefly remote :slight_smile:

Wheels sorted, got some motors as well.


Waiting on motor mounts which are in the post, Then to arrange ESC and Battery… (the really expensive parts)

I have all of the parts for the Firefly remote as well, so now I just have to get time to start soldering parts together.