DC "Brushed" Motor with VESC question

Hey Guys,

I have a stock Eglide I just picked up. It’s working fine just stock however I don’t like how there is no ‘coasting’ with the remote. When you let up on the throttle it slows down with the potentiometer attached to the trigger. If you are used to wireless eskates, this will throw you off as you are used to letting up on the throttle and coasting.

I know some guys are using DC motors with the settings on the VESC as DC only. Are there any issues with this? Since it is sensorless do you need to push start it, or does it work fairly flawlessly? I would just need a single motor vest and a nano remote is what I’m thinking…

DC Motor is 800w and 36 volt.

Any advice appreciated.


It will start just fine, it has a commutator built in… you know since its a DC motor. ^^

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This thing: It will reverse the current so it won’t get locked up… sorry my first explanation was wrong… :slight_smile:

Anything I should expect with a big ass DC motor and the VESC? Hoping for a smooth ride acceleration with braking, but probably not as smooth as a sensored brushless motor.

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It won’t be as smooth and if it’s brushed it will break after some extensive use but it should be ok…

I’ve used a VESC in its not often used DC mode with this type of older brushed DC motored electric skate board and it works fine and even provides some DC breaking to slow you down.