[DE/EU] Set of new 90mm ABEC clone wheels €35 for sale

I have some black 90mm Abec clone wheels for sale (€35)

Germany postage €4 DHL

Are you trying to make profit of these? I know for a fact that you can get clones waaayyyy cheaper than that

Where? Send me the link. It is much appreciated. I was searching a lot and had to buy it on AliExpress with 20$ for shipping to Germany. There is only one shop in Germany I know and there you have to pay 12,95€ for 1 wheel + shipping.


I guess you are from the US. For us it is a bit different:

18$ Wheels 56$ Shipping to Germany 2,22$ 3% customs 14,06$ 19% Tax 12,50€ custom handling fee UPS

87€ in total