Dead BMS - How do I prevent it?

So, basically I rode my board about a total of 5 miles and the battery died so I came home charged it and the VESC was still working. I unplugged it to charge the battery and when I plugged it back in, no lights no nothing.

Edit: and how exactly do I know it’s the VESC thats dead? My battery is also not charging. I don’t know what’s going on at this point This is now a conversation about avoiding a broken bms

Hummm, sound more like a battery/BMS problem… what is your battery setup, you might have trigger the low voltage cutoff protection .

Jeez I actually figured that out moments after I posted this, but I had to leave for work. I’m running a 10S2P of LG HE2 with a 10S BMS, which I’m pretty sure busted. It won’t charge, it keeps dropping voltage, and no current is actually going through the BMS(I connected an XT90 with 2 loose leads and it didn’t spark). When I get home from work I plan on bypassing the discharge of the BMS to make sure the battery is ok. @JohnnyMeduse

Yes you could try that first

but this kind of behaviour :

remind me of a broken pack, maybe something is disconnect along the pack

Mind you, only the voltage off the BMS is dropping not off the battery

Ok then it might be the bms… but it kind of a weird behaviour

Everything works fine without the BMS so definitely that. But I don’t know how it happened /how to prevent it from happening again. I’m assuming the charger somehow friend the fuse or it got confused with discharging and recharging and just died

How much ampere your bms could handle ?

10 charge 50 discharge @Tobi

What brand of bms is it

It’s off brand or no obvious branding on it.