Dead spacecell- screen dead?

Hi guys, I have a issue.

After replacing my jumper cables as see in the photo, my board worked perfectly. I had a issue with my motor stwiching so I had to reinsulate the main power cables. So, put it all back together and boom all good. Battery was at 49%, turned everything off and gluded everything together with hot glue gun and now battery is dead and it seems the board now longer powers up. The remote doesn’t seem to connect to the board any more.

Any ideas? Google Photos

I know it sound simple, and you’ve probably done it, but did you check the fuse ?

I have, it seems fine. Thanks for the reply. So bummed!

The battery even when unplugged, the screen doesnt lightup.

have a multimeter and any voltage measurable direct from the space cell?

I would remove it and test it. I recall several folks having screen issues - but i’d focus on actual voltage of the pack. Inspect for any burnt/shorts and see if there is any burnt smell… If no shorts visible, no smell of electronics failure, and merely low voltage - i’d then try charging (supervised and removed from all other electronics).


Thanks for the reply.

Plugged it in last night with the fast charger and charged. The stopped after a hour or so. I don’t have a multimeter, I may have to invest in one. Mine went walkies in our last house move.

Could I assume that the cell should turn on (screen light up) even when the cell is unplugged and fuse is removed? If so, then the battery is dead. Jason if you are reading this, is a replacement available under warranty? I have two months left on my 1 year warranty.

does the vesc power up ? what about the light on the reciever? If the canbus chip goes, the reciever will power up but nothing on the vesc - the voltage indicator on my spacecell went. Bit coincidental if that happened at the same time but worth exploring.

Nothing powers up from what I can tell (havnet unwrapped my vescs or anything see image in the first post), i find it strange that this has happened after putting glue on the connectors to hold them in place, because it was all working perfectly when i tested it, just before applying hot glue gun. I would assume the fuse would have blown surely if there was a short.

That said , The receiver no longer connects and Ive ordered a multi-meter as I need to know if there is any power coming from the battery, Im hoping the screen has just failed. But that sucks as ill have to use a multi-meter each time to check battery levels.

Could I assume that the cell should turn on (screen light up) even when the cell is unplugged and fuse is removed?

Hey guys,

So my new fluke multimeter arrived, tested my cordless drill battery, 18V battery / 20.6V showing (test), then the SpaceCell - Dead. Its odd that if I plug it into the charger it charges and at some point the charger stops charging as expected.

I can see this getting to the point of having to opening the SS. Any suggestions?

Question, what is the black rap that goes over the bettery, that keeps it all toegther?

Thanks in advance.

Bummer. Hoping it was just the screen…

Now you should pause… and get @carl.1 involved. Shoot an email, give them a call, ping @onloop - before you start tearing into your SC and voiding any remaining warranty. He/they may ask you to, but i’d wait for them to ask you to!

If it were out of warranty - then i’d say remove the heatshrink (the black wrap), and inspect internal wires - looking for a short or broken wire.

Hopefully Enertion/Jason will jump in and give you a hand.


Hi Sl33py, thanks for the advise and yes it is still under warrenty.

Hi Jason @onloop @carl.1,

Could I get some get some help with my dead spacecell please?

Im having withdrawls here ;-(

Thanks Wayne

So Ive looked at sending the battery to Belgium which is the closest repair center to me, but here is the catch, I cant ship it out of the UK unless Im a company. No batteies are shipped internationally for indiviuals. @onloop what do i do now? I have a warrenty repair on a battery which I cant ship out of the UK and you giuys dont keep any stock for replacements. @onloop is there no one in the UK that I can use to get my abbtery repaired?

You can ship by ground with DPD, I got a 10s3p a couple of months ago

Thanks @SirDiff Ive just mailed them now and hopefully will get a responses come monday. @onloop will I have to pay for the return paostage?

@SirDiff Was yours a repair or new purchase?

It was a purchase but not from enertion, just a group buy. They don’t scan stuff for ground shipping, so you should be able to send it just like a normal box

Does anyone know what the MSDS ( Material safety data sheet) is for this SpaceCell (Raptor 1)?

The courier is asking for it before he will allow me to send it.

Battery was accepted with DHL, but ther repair center in Belgium was closed at 1:35pm. I hope they are still in business… @onloop