Dead vesc?wanna sell it? within canada

anyone got a dead vesc in canada wanna sell it

I have one :slight_smile: It is vanda VESC with replaced DRV, after replacement the VESC died again, but not by a DRV failure…it was caused by some resistor from the other side of the PCB…are you interested?

i got a blown drv one

i have a maytech vesc with blown drv

I’ve got someones dead maytech vesc. Are you looking at getting into repairs??

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If @stormboard1 isn’t interested I am. For the right price ofcourse :wink:

Edit: might have misunderstood, maybe you weren’t selling.

I’ll ask him how much he wants. Pretty sure he’s forgotten it!

£20 plus postage he says.

Done deal! PM me price of postage to the sovereign country of Sweden. Picking up your enclosure tomorrow btw :metal:

Doh, thats a shame. I could have tucked it in there!

I have two

i have one drv dead, still buying?