Dealing With Aggressive Drivers

If you knocked on my car I’d hunt you down. Seriously I have done it before, a guy on a bike slapped my POS Honda because I had the right of way and he didn’t know the rules, I lost my $hit and followed him home. Not gonna say what I did, just that no one got hurt, but clean up was necessary a few days later. Passive aggressive to the max.

Best thing to do is to end whatever heat there was between you and the driver and roll away. You brought a knife to a gun fight. Just let it go. He doesn’t have to run you off the road. As an esk8er I’m pretty sure you’ve been seen here and there, finding out where you live can’t be too hard in a college community.

I think you know what to do as well as everyone else here, at the end of the day he’s in a steel box and your standing on a plank of wood, it’s not worth challenging them as you could get seriously hurt. Take care of yourself m8y. I only have experience here as a cyclist, when one car passed me on a roundabout of all places (which is just plain daft) I banged on his back window with my fist as they passed and geared up to tell him off and maybe have a bit of a rumble, but they just kept going. In the end, just stay calm and be the better man, cameras are great for evidence, however technically, all boards are illegal, so they’d only really be useful if something happened which proved they were out to get you I think, as legally you’re in the wrong almost immediately.

Well. now I am wondering if you are a stalker or what :).

Seriously, if you let people abuse you without penalty, they will continue to abuse you without penalty. I’m all for live and let live, but sometime you just smack the shit out of a dumbass so they stop and think about NOT being a dumbass.

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Not too long ago somebody pulled out in front of me on one of my neighborhood streets. They had the stop sign, i didn’t. The speed limit was 30, i was doing probably about 25. The pulled out in front of me and were doing less than 25. I just stood there rolling about 3 feet behind them for the rest of the street until they got to a stop sign, then i pulled around them, rapidly accelerating into a left turn.

I realized later that what i had done was exactly what I do in my car: use “car body language” to signal my grievance with another driver by staying on their ass after they rudely (and illegally) pull out in front of me.

We probably shouldn’t do shit like that. Sooner or later somebody’s going to get out of their car and i’m going to be shoving my 23 pound board into their throat. Then the fun begins.


Hey, if you´re riding a Witchblade, use it, right? :monkey:

:skull:I´ll name my next board “Ass-whooper” i think

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You’t hunt me down even if you were in the wrong?

Guess I should be deescalating lest I run into someone looking to start a fight…

Hell no. I would stop and apologize if I was in the wrong. I’d probably even buy you lunch. I’m that guy who slows down to let people pass on the freeway or stops to let someone out a parking lot during rush hour. I’m generally way too nice of a person. My flaw is that I expect others to be like that as well so when they are extreme a-holes I get much angrier than necessary.

My wife always say karma will get them eventually. I don’t have patience for that so I just hand deliver karma. It’s not as bad as is sounds I never physically hurt anyone maybe just epoxy your door hinges and key hole when you go to sleep


You’re riding in traffic, you’re an idiot. You haven’t been riding skateboards very long have you? What if you hit a rock and fall in traffic? Stand your ground against a car? You’ve obviously never been hit by a car, I have, and that shit hurts man, The last time, I couldn’t get out of bed for a month.

Ride on the sidewalk, there are a lot less cars there.