Dealing With Aggressive Drivers

Hey guys,

I’ve had my board built for a little over a month now, and it’s been great for getting around campus and the local area. Almost all the interactions I’ve had with people about it have been positive, save for some guy telling me to “get off the road, kid”, despite complying with traffic laws and not holding up anyone, speed-wise.

Today was different though. I skated down through campus and decided to take the perimeter street up the side of camps, which a relatively steep grade for most of it, though my board handles it in stride, keeping with the speed limit.

Anyway, I’m coming up to a stoplight along with the two cars in front of me, slowing down with less than 20 feet, now that we’re coming to a stop, in between me and the car in front. Suddenly some guy in a BMW (I know, right…?) comes up on my left and pulls up in the shrinking space between me and the car in front of me, almost hitting me with the side of his car in the process. I knock on the side of his car a few times and pull back up to my original place in front of him, and look him in the eye and give him the “What are you doing?” shrug. He gives me a pretty dirty look and gestures for me to get out of the way, so I just give him a dirty gesture in response (probably a mistake but it’s the heat of the moment and he’s nearly hit me, albeit slowly, with his car already) and say “share the road, it’s the law!”

I get on my board and punch it so I’m going exactly with traffic up this decently steep hill, and take a right at the top when it levels out, following the original car I was behind. The entire time, BMW guy was tailgating me and I could hear his engine right behind me. At the level part, I’m still at the speed of traffic in the middle of the lane, and BMW guy tries to get halfway in the oncoming lane and pull up on my left, while a car is coming in the other lane, to try to get in the tiny (barely more than a car length) space between me and the car in front of me.

I was not about to get run off the road so I pretty much stayed where I was, just accelerating a bit to get away from middle of the side of his car in case I needed to escape to the right and go past the car in front of me. He didn’t even seem to care about this oncoming car and the only reason there was not an accident was because the road was wide enough for the oncoming car to move right, accommodating BMW guy, and myself.

At this point I decided that existing here in the middle of the lane, as satisfying as it may be to stand up to assholes that are legally in the wrong, is a serious threat to my safety, so I played bicycle and passed the car ahead on my right and pulled up next to and then past the cyclist ahead.

What are you supposed to do in this sort of situation?

I know the most pragmatic and safe thing to do, in individual terms, would be just to let these types of people go instead of try to stand your ground even if you are legally in the right, and if a cop saw, they’d be the first to get a ticket or more.

But at the same time, I think I would just feel really ineffectual had I just let him almost hit me, and then let him continue past with no consequences or rebuke.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?


Let him hit you, then sue him so hard he can’t afford his BMW anymore. :+1:

Seriously though just try to avoid them or let them pass, you’re in an inherently dangerous position considering you’re standing on a plank and their engulfed in a 2 ton box of steel. As great as it would be to see the dude get payback not only is there nothing you can really do, but your also putting yourself at risk even being around him.

I’ve never encountered road ragers on my eskate, but if I run into any while driving I just let them go past. Their probably having a shitty day already anyways.


I have myself ridden my road cycle in traffic. 100% of the time its on local neighborhood roads that have speed limits of roughly 20-30mph. You have to be extremely cautious of what can (can/cannot/could/will) happen. There are many points to this arguement:

1.) Dont anger people that drive 3000lb killing machines. If someone seems to be tailgating you, god-forbid you need to make a emergency stop, physics says " Two objects cannot and will not occupy the same space at the same time." If you did happen to make that stop from if I have comprehended this correctly, he would have hit you.

2.) I (push by foot) longboard around my campus as well, (electronics part not completed that’s why), and from what I have seen, there’s two types of drivers. a.) The patient caring ones and/or b.) The asswholes like in your case. In case a.) they let you ride with plenty of distance sometimes even 20-40 feet to make you feel safe. Case b.) Likely to cause accidents and if its bad enough, whether they end up getting hurt or hurting others. You never know who ends up behind you or in-front of you.

3.) You are lucky he didn’t get you hurt. I am not sure what the legal provisions include regarding electric vehicles, and whether or not they include small <3000watt motor powered transporters.

4.) If you noticed him getting impatient you should let him pass, it wouldn’t have done much to make you late, but you could just pass him as you approach a stoplight anyways or take the sidewalk (if there was one).

5.) It in my opinion isn’t your fault, if he was tailgating, he should have left 5 minutes earlier. But it would have been better for you to let him pass anyways.

Kudos to you for staying safe. And next time I recommend you getting a chest-mounted GoPro or something similar. As it could be very helpful to you if something does happen.

My thoughts are quite jumbled, I will look at organizing this better.

Just as @NickTheDude, stated, you should treat aggressive drivers as drunk-drivers. Their notions are unpredictable and worst comes to worse they hurt others instead of just themselves. Let them pass, and if you really want to, note down the license plate number, and report him. (With the fact that you should know if your legally allowed to be on the road with the e-board).

Please stay safe. And keep riding :grinning:

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I’m a bit of an a$$hole on the best of days, just ask my wife :grinning:, but when this has happened to me a good slap on the hood and rebuke involving the mother of said dick weed and her ability to handle the requests of multiple gentleman callers usually makes me feel better.


Thanks for the responses guys.

@wmj259 now that you mention it I definitely see the correspondence with road ragers and drunk drivers, as I’ve seen enough people get drunk on rage that this thought alone is enough for me to just let them pass in the future.

This is my last semester and I’ll be getting a helmet cam soon for this purpose now that I’ve seen how useful it can be.

As far as legality goes, going faster than 20 or so could be a gray area in California, so I guess it would be in my best interest as well not to draw attention to myself by interacting at all with road ragers.

Simple solution: paintball gun :thumbsup:


This type of thing happens to me quite often on my motorcycle. Best thing you can do is pull to the side and let them go. It sucks, but as an added bonus about 1/10 times the person will pull off to the side too and THE FIGHT IS ON!


does bmw have an asshole test before you can buy one of their cars?? or is it a natural attraction? lol

This will happen no matter what you are riding. bike, motorcycle, eboard, spaceship. my goal is always to make them feel as stupid as they are, a simple task considering…

there is a reason why moto gloves have knuckle guards :sunglasses:

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Lol…happened to me two weeks ago…an old lady just wanted to crawl up my ass and lean on the horn… I sped up…then just grinded to a halt…she could of went around me safely in the other lane but she went to the right of me when an intersecting street came up … she passed me … I yelled some choice phrases and some hand signals at her…

But really that’s all I could do…luckily these types of angry people are few an far between…unfortunately we’ll lose every time…so I guess it’s just not worth it to play chicken of any sort with a car, even if it’s their fault …I don’t wanna get hurt…

BUT… if they get out of their car…and I step off that board…you better believe it’s go time :facepunch:t2::rage::facepunch:t2:


usually i carve deep using the whole lane but the moment a car comes from behind i move to the right, coast and signal them to pass. in germany Im really on the wrong end of the law, so Im always playing it nice and cooperative when im on the road. :wink:


I will never understand why people are in such a hurry just to get to the next red light . I cross a busy street in the crosswalk and some knucklehead is blowing the horn because the guys in front of him stopped instead of running me over. Seems to be more anger at pedestrians than there used to be.

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all about giving positive energy into the system. i thank cars for stopping, nod, greet and smile and Im getting smiling faces back. its a win win for everybody!

opposite to what @dimnsionofsound experienced, which was a lose lose since both of you rode off boiling.


Call 911 and let the asshole know you’re on the phone with them. They’ll back off. Tell the cops exactly where you are. At worse, he backs off. At best, cops catch up, you tell them what happened and he gets a hefty fine.

Just pull to the side and let them pass. Your life and health isn’t worth it. If an accident happens, it doesn’t matter who’s at fault, you still loose big time. Take a deep breath and let the anger go.

Plus, if a cop sees the situation, it’s just another reason to outlaw esk8’s on the street.


if you have to ride on the road which i only do if necessary (i’m offroad) Go behind the vehicle, dont cross in front. And some people get so jealous they have tourettes. It puts me in an agressive mood, which helps. Im 6’3 so when riding im over 7’, that helps to have presence.

You know what they call a BMW in Germany? … TAXI!

Honestly I have no idea if that is true or not, just a joke I heard.

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As was said before, unfortunately, you’re the ant and their car is the giant steel boot in these kinds of situations. Not good odds.

Also, one thing I’ve learned, in general, is that you can never really know what random people’s motivations are. This guy could have been strung out on meth, suicidal, homicidal, in a blind rage from his wife leaving or losing his job…or any other reason that you may not even be able to imagine, where your life and well being literally mean nothing to him, at least in that moment.

Better to lose the “battle” in these situations, and win the “war” by staying alive and in one piece.

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This falls into the category of a human powered bike. I follow all rules as much as possible.

To be honest with everyone, I have seen my fair share of aggressive And obnoxious driving. IMHO there should be mandatory retesting every time the license gets renewed or even the halfway mark or so, to test what people should know from the drivers ed course.

Be like that guy and stay calm