Dear battery makers, Where do you buy those large heat shrink?

Where do you buy those large heat shrink? what do you use to protect your battery packs other than heat shrink?

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This is what I used. I also used electrical tape and gorilla tape in case they rub.

Eva Foam, kapton tape, fish paper and search PVC shrink at eBay or Aliexpress. It is plenty of sellers

I think @longhairedboy will have some in stock soon:

I really need some right now. Does anyone have some spare I can buy off? I have a 10s4p all spot welded and taped up.

If you can wait, usually i buy here:

For fast shipping:

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Nkon ebay aliexpress

Yeah, I would love some 200-220mm if I didn’t have to wait forever to get it. I can’t wait that long, pretty much everything is done, lol.

Some stores from members on the forum have some @longhairedboy has them if i remember well

ebay. 10 cahrs

Its back in stock if you need it. I just got some in last night.

I’m confused on fish paper. Idk if it’s non adhesive ? Can this one work ?


It is usually adhesive. It doesn’t matter. Insulation is the goal.

adhesive makes it a LOT easier.

I use adhesive fishpaper rings on my packs.

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I use BIG rolls of kapton tape to be able to wrap any pack

Thanks @longhairedboy for the rescue. I did use paper rings and kapton. Heres the latest pic of my battery.