Deciding which battery cell to use?

Hello! I’m making my meepo mini 2 smaller by getting a smaller battery and different enclosure so that I dont get in trouble with the German polizei. Right now I have a 10s2p battery, I want to switch to a smaller 10s1p. I can either buy the meepo 10s1p with 25R cells, or a custom 10s1p with 30Q cells. Which battery cell is better? I have the meepo Hobbywing 12A ESC. Also, does a BMS help reduce voltage sag, or does it make no difference?

30Q definitely better. Sag comes comes from cells falling off during discharge, not the BMS.


30Q is 3ah 40T is 4ah - a bit more $$

Both is a good choice.

30Q>25R 100% for sure. Samsung 30q cell is all around the best cell to use. I would say there are 3 top cells people use. Samsung 30q most “balanced” cell in size, price, discharge, sag and capacity. Then there is a VTC6 for more power and Sanyo cells (like in Tesla cars) for range.

BMS=Battery management system. It’s purpose is to balance all the cells to the same voltage. You can also use BMS for discharge which adds over-current protection for example. It also adds size (discharge grows with size of the BMS) I personally run/will run… (long story) bypassed BMS which only balances my cells while charging but it doesn’t discharge through it. That means that I can run as much current as I want with a bypassed BMS.


Nicely explained.

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Is that 12a per side or total? 1p packs of 25r or 30q can handle about 20a. If its 24a total you might consider a differert cell like vtc5a or 30t.

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12A motor amps though so you could run that on a 1A battery if you wanted, hell it wouldn’t even get bottlenecked that hard. Obviously an extreme example but still, duty cycle.

Wait chinese ESCs dictate motor current?

I was always under the impression that the value shown was batt max for one side :o

They do have duty cycle I belive. I ran a 40A yingli with a 20A battery and experienced the same power when I switched over to a 50A battery (In the low range ofc, at times it was bottlenecked)