Deck advice + Want to counter any clearance issues

Any recommendations for a deck that won’t cause wheel bite with 107mm Abec wheels, 218mm torque board trucks, and dual 6374 motors?

I’m open to ideas, I’ve been looking at drop through decks, but I’m not sure if I’ll get adequate clearance for my battery enclosure (12s4p).

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You should def talk to @treenutter at Red Ember Boards.


12s5p drop deck on surfrodz with 107s. No risers. No issues. This is a red ember obeah.


Sector 9 bintang, no wheelbite at all, I upgraded to 107mm last weekend


really any deck with a cutout I think would work…

Have you had any clearance issues with the hardware mounted under your deck? Also, how stiff is that Sector 9 board? I’m 220lbs.

@psychotiller can you do side shot to show ground clearance. Also speed bumps? Double stacked 18650s?

These are not double stacked. I can try to get some more photos tomorrow. Speed bumps are usually avoided on dropped setups.

not true. you need extra fat cutouts.

I got wheel bite with 97’s on my pintail and dropthrough(top mounted). need to have 1/2 inch or more spacers…

I like to ride up high on spacers rather than a board with narrow foot space and 1 foot of cutout… extra wide trucks will help a bit… but only a bit…

Thx @mmaner and @psychotiller ! @Provoke I can answer any questions you’ve got. I design and make dropped decks for esk8 my feed IG is here.

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Wow! I would love to see how you routed the motor wires to avoid contact!


You can see it here in the pics.

I got basicly the same set up going on a Landyachz Evo deck, my deck should come in soon I just need to get the wheels, I want green 107s and they are out of stock everywhere

I was hoping for more closeups. But i see what you did with the little section to keep them from moving/ hitting motors. I like it.

Belt drive? You going underneath or out back with it?

yep dual 6374 underneath with a 12s4p battery and 218mm trucks

Interesting. Same here just 13s6p instead for battery. Might add two more motors up front in the future.

With the TB mounts it appears you can get some pretty good clearance. Bottom of the can is at least 1cm above the bottom of the truck.

I’m digging the cable management on the motors. I’ll have to find some content on how to pull that off.

Do you feel that you need to be a bit more cautious with your motors out back? AKA when you are storing it or throwing it into the trunk of a car. I ride my company bus to work, so I’ve been contemplating how I would store it on the bus… probably just give it a seat of its own with the motor end pointing upwards.

Store it over the wheels, safest way!