Deck cameee let's ride. (the mommaboard)

This is a mad controversial deck. Lotta hate. $193 for a Loaded isn’t awfulll. Full review coming soon!! Has anyone else done a build and have any impressions? I think it’s sexy asf IMG_5502


maybe somebody in the other place did a build with this deck.

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@longhairedboy started a build…not sure if he finished though.

We can ask him on the .news forum now!

How high is that battery pack enclosure? Do you have enough ground clearance?

It’s roughly 45 mm high. I agree with you, definitely not ideal but i’ve never scraped on my old deck (Apex 37) that was a lot lower. My 5S lipos are unfortunately thicc so until i upgrade… The case is printed fully with TPU so it’s decently forgiving if it were to scrape.

It’s good to hear that you hear that you didn’t scrape it that much. I plan to build my first board with lipo as well and my case will most likely be in 48-52mm range.

Great to hear! A lot has to do with placement, If you snug the case up close to the trucks you’ll have less of a chance of scraping than if you put it straight in the middle.