Deck for 10 year old son

Hi I am building a E board for my 10 year old son, I know very little about skateboards, just what i have been reading for a few weeks. I have 2 batteries 4S-5000Mah going to use in series, charger, FS-GT2B going to mod it.

I ordered a Single Motor Mechanical Kit, Electric Skateboard Motor 6355 230KV 2650W, VESC BLDC Speed Controller, from DIY electric skateboard.

would this be a good deck to use, if not do you have any suggestions?


Looks like a great deck! You should browse with your son and take a look and what designs he may want. Less stiff boards will be more comfy, but you can’t stick fragile things like the battery on there too long length-wise. Lipos mounted toward the front or back should be fine, however. You may want to start thinking about enclosures as well.

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@barkman that should be a fine deck to use. Make sure to read up carefully before you put your son on the new build. Testi it before he rides it and give him full safety gear. VESC has a feature called Erpm that lets you limit speed, I highly recommend that you use it to govern the top speed of this build. Good luck, have fun, what a cool dad!


Thanks Jinra, good point i will need an enclosure as well. Checked Muirskate that is opening a can of worms, to many choices LOL.

Thanks Treenutter, he has full safety gear now, i will definitely limit the speed.

I’m a big fan of the Arbor Axis myself :slight_smile:

Jinra I like the look of the Arbor Axis as well, I see it is a 40" deck, to you think that’s ok for a 10 year old? I thought 38" would be better. Like I said I am a old guy that has never stepped on a skateboard.

Longer decks will be easier to balance on, which is especially important for esk8 as there’s lots of sudden acceleration and deceleration. It’s not as maneuverable as a shorter deck, but is safer IMO due to the wider stance you can give for better balance.

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I agree with Jinra, better a longer deck with longer wheelbase to start on e- board. Plus it gives you more room to fit enclosure. The motor mount and motors take up a good portion of that room. You didn’t mention which wheel option your getting with your drive kit 83mm or 90mm The 90mm will give more ground clearance and top speed and roll over cracks and rocks better. The 83mm will give more torque for going up hills One thing you have to watch out for is wheel bite which can cause the board to slow or stop suddenly and throw the rider off. especially with the larger wheels. Have your son stand on the board and tip it hard like he’s turning sharply and check to see if there is clearance between the wheels and the bottom of the deck. You can add risers yo the trucks to increase clearance. For adjustment of the truck bushings: Too tight = can’t turn Too loose = unstable Either can cause a crash. You’ll need to find the right setting for his weight and experience level.

Namasaki, the kit has 83mm wheels.

Thanks for all the help, will probably use the Arbor Axis.

love arbor boards and have used 3 of them (timeless, rally, and James Kelly pro model) for electric skateboard builds!

@barkman Before you get him on a powered board at all, I would get him on it without power. He will still need to have all of the basic skills needed to ride a board. Get him kick pushing, turning, stopping, and just finding a solid comfortable foot position. Get him going down some inclines to get him familiarized with dealing with speed and the possibility of the dreaded speed wobbles. Without a good base, he’s just waiting for an accident. With power that can be a larger problem.
Don’t forget safety equipment either! Wear those helmets! :slight_smile:


@barkman I 100% agree with @Ulfberht!

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He has been riding a penny board for a while now, he has all the safety gear for that, but i agree there will be a learning curve going to a powered board.

Thanks for all the help & quick responses, I have everything ordered just have to wait for delivery.


I hope you and your son have as much fun building it as you do riding it! :v: