Deck for 30MPH +/- Kicktail

First time builder, long time boarder. My board will reach 30MPH and be used frequently, for long durations and in a variety of environments. I’m seeking rec’s for which route to go with my deck:

short as possible while maintaining min 25” wheel base e.g.


longer with kicktail

I like the idea of keeping the board short but the kicktail seems to have best function. Thanks for your input. I’m open to other ideas, too.

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I had the same thought-- needed a kicktail. I chose to go with this deck below (24" wb). My build isn’t complete yet though. Hoping to find time this weekend to assemble.

If kicktail is optional and you want max stability - i’d go with a downhill focused deck like some of these:

I’m a fan of landyachtz, Rayne, Omen - love the Evo in particular! Not a kicktail though…

loaded cantellated tesseract is perfect! super versatile, mild flex, great shape with so many comfortable positions to place your feet, some rocker which is supercomfortable, kicktail for some sidewalk juming. just a gorgeous versatile board for pretty much any speed with a near perfect wheelbase!

What do you think would be the largest wheels you could run on that board without having to use giant spacers? I’m also searching for the perfect kicktail board for my first build…would love to run 90 mm or 97 mm flywheels without wheel bite but would also like to be low to the ground for better stability…

Tough w/ a kicktail since those usually are standard shapes without wheel cutouts. Vs. most symmetrical decks w/ double wheel cutouts will run 90-97’s. Some might be a smidge tight depending on the deck shape.

you might look at a drop deck too if you want to stay low - mild drop or else you’ll have trouble w/ motor placement. Or need to go outboard placement behind the trucks. And you need low-profile batteries most likely… or router out some extra space under the board if possible and reinforce.

The Earthwing Muirderer 37 is a good candidate. It’s wide, has large wheel flares, a kicktail and 24" wheelbase.

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Careful with the blank decks from eBay…some boards tend to warp over time

Too bad Nelson Longboard closed shop. The Temptest board looks like the best combo! Dual kick tails, 26.5 to 28 wheel base, 1/2" drop. Its a bit long though 42".

I’m running 90s with the torqueboards 218mm trucks (12 inches wide? I’ve been told?)

Check out the Bustin Maestro’s - from their Mini (33"), to regular (37.5"), to pro (39"):

Depending on your setup you might still want to top mount vs through for motor clearance…

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roger that - will avoid eBay. thanks.

Just got a cantellated tesseract through amazon. It’s really great except for the w-concave. I’ve never had a board that had one but bought it anyway. I’m thinking about sanding down the concave, I think it’s really unnecessary for cruising. My hardware aren’t installed on the board yet, just been trying to cruise and push on it. I find it sorta difficult to balance while pushing.

Popcorn out, I really like deck discussions. That maestro really looks the business. It’s really hard to find a kicktail deck that can accommodate 97mm wheels and not look super weird. The regular has a rear truck wedge at like 10 deg, doesn’t that go against the recommendation for high speeds? Normally people say to de-wedge the rear truck for stability?

I ran 90mm wheels with spacers - probably 1/2" is required. it didnt really hurt the looks tbh:

well, if you want specifically cruising, i guess you dont buy a tesseract. otherwise the W sets in very late, there is a lot of area before the mild wheel flares where the board just gives you a nice locked in feel without being uncomfortable.

think that shows the 3d landscape of the board well next to my vanguard and the jet spud

@sl33py I’ve seen that Bustin Maestro! Looks really good for what i had in mind! I may give it try! Any problem running a drop through deck top mounted? Will it flex more?

@whitepony You board looks amazing! How high is it off the floor? Looks like around 110-120 mm ( 90mm + 1/2" spacer + error margin) which doesn’t seem too bad! What spped do you cruze on that?

So far these are the boards that have peaked my interest (besides the boards mentioned previously):

Longboard Larry’s DK penguin - 41.5" length, 28" wheel base, 5/8" drop, dual kicks and some nice curves/concave to look in you feet. However its 185$ from their website.

The next shapes that i have grown found of are all blank decks! However seem to tick all boxes.

Longboard USA Raven blank deck with 38" length, 26" wheel base, dual kicks with cut outs.

This bamboo deck for more of a flexy cruiser type of thing:

This hybrid thing which is too pointy for my liking but can be cut down:

And perhaps the deck that is the best compromise so far for me. Has the potential of being a small speed machine that will fit in my air plane luggage. Has 31.75" long with a 19.25" wheel base, which perhaps can have additional holes drilled in the nose to maybe go up half an inch on the wheel base.

I now these ebay decks won’t last very long but this last shape seems really nice with wheel flares and cut outs in the front! Perhaps doing a carbon fiber wrap like @MasterCho would add some stiffness/ longevity?

Sorry for the long post!

I’ve ordered longboardlarry el chupacabra. This deck looks like exactly what I had been hoping to find. I hope that the torqueboards 12s4p enclosure will fit within the dropped section; both measure to be 20" long…eeek… :grimacing:

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I forgot all about that deck…good decision! I think it will make a great ride! Ticks all boxes! Please start a build thread so i can follow your progress!

Why are your truck base plates angled like that?