Deck for a fast board

What deck would you recommend for a dual 6374 build. I’m looking for locked in (for when I’m going fast), and sturdy (low flex preferred). I’m more of a cruiser. Running 100mm polyurethane, 218mm trucks.

From looking around looks like Landyachtz Switchblade or Landyachtz Evo are both good. If there is anything else I should be considering, let me know.

In terms of size and using a 20in long enclosure, that’s about eight and a half inches wide.

In addition to the evo, the subsonic talon/century are solid choices. Any split angle deck really, or you can do get separate angle baseplates.

So u would recommend the evo over the switchblade? Thanks for the other suggestions

I would lean towards the evo over the switch for a faster build.


Another vote for the Subsonic Century 40"

Extremely stable at high speeds:


Get a deck that you like to ride…

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Redemberboards all the way!


Redemeber boards with split angled trucks.