Deck options for new build

I’m looking to source a deck that will incorporate a 12s 4p single stack with bms and all the other gubbins.
Battery measures 520mm x 140mm. Incl bms. It’s got some flex but not enough to safely use in say a loaded vanguard I would prefer to keep things reasonably stiff. @Eboosted. Alan do you have a good combo that would work? Anyway thoughts and experiences would be greatly appreciated everyone.

Yes, the perfect deck/enclosure combo is the Sector 9 bintang and the 12s enclosure.

The other deck I really love is the Lanyachtz Evo 39", ther enclosure could even fit a 12s5p, here is the enclosure:


They were two I was looking at but everywhere you look there’s an evo build. Do like the Bintang.
That darth maul build of yours was inspirational for me For sure. Thanks for the input and I will probably go with the 12s enclosure and get a deck that works with it. That’s actually testament to how good your enclosures are hey? Usually it’s the other way round lol

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Another option would be a loaded vanguard 12s enclosure, the good thing about this one is that you can mount it on any deck not just the Vanguard