Deck suggestions for these small pneumatic wheels?

Hi there, I’ve got these small wheels still lying around… part of reason - havent really refined the first board yet + some other things…

So… just in case I come up with a decision to build sometime soon… what deck would you recommend?

I dont want anything long… preferably it could be some ‘‘blank’’ / general deck, so I can make my own graphics onto it… and that it would be cheap in general…

So here’s some pics on how these little wheels look:

If I can I will cover the ugly box thing in the pictures… it was an early ‘‘look’’ how it might look on my long board, if these small wheels were fitted.

Suggestions about the deck shape / angle etc would be nice

Also, if possible, I would prefer if the deck was stiff enough but I believe there are some methods on how to ‘‘stiffen up’’ flexy deck… Also, shorter than 85cm / 32.5’’ would be great… as I dont want a long deck.