Deck tip angles

Ok so here is my first real build, semi-in progress:

Deck - MBS colt 90 constellation Trucks - MBS ATS 12 Hubs - MBS rockstar pro black Wheels - 8" pneumatics Motors - dual psychotillers 6369s Mount - from @idea Battery - I have two 7s4p li ion that I’m having a guy in Texas (@hyperIon1) reconfigure into a 10s5p/6p pack. Controller - pre ordered the focbox unity the other day on sale

I’ve been back and forth about if I should go with a more MTB truck (matrix pros) or stick with my plan of more skate like trucks. I drive primarily around my neighborhood and surrounding parks but I also like to get down every now and then in the woods. []

I don’t jump or anything but I don’t want to read this post in 2 years kicking myself for snapping a truck. My biggest issue with not just jumping to the Matrix truck is finding an acceptable deck with matching angle. In the states it’s basically MBS or outsourcing for decks. The 30° nose tip decks get SO much more expensive or I just plain don’t like the designs. You happen to know any decks that won’t break the bank?

Any insight from you fine ladies and gentlemen would be appreciated! Especially if you struggled with this as well.


We just became a dealer for MBS and have plans on offering some of their complete boards for esk8 retros. The comp 95 is an excellent choice along with your choice. They are the two best to offer because they come with wheels, trucks, bindings in the comp 95. Using what is there is a sweet way to go. Once we have everything together we will be offering competitive prices on all stocked MBS products including complete boards, batteries, mounts, motors, escs and a custom 3D printed flexible enclosure solution at a affordable price. I will have samples soon of the enclosure and will start a topic for it. Excellent build idea. We can’t wait to help get you put together. Hyperion1 Hyperion2


My only issue with the comp 95 is that I don’t love the design. I know I can redo it completely but still, paying that much just to immediately redesign it hurts me.

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MBS isn’t the only maker of mountain boards, but I see your point. If you buy directly from them and change it at a premium cost. Once you see what @sender will do to the ones we send him it may change your mind. At the moment it’s all we have.

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No problem, I’m covered on decks now. One of them actually has been @sender’ized