Decks with integrated enclousure

I’ve been searching around for the options when it comes to decks with integrated enclousures like the raptor one, tourque rocket and ollin freeride. The raptor one is now gone and ollin doesn’t sell only his board? What more options are there out there today? Are there people who are doing integrated boards on the forum?

I had made a mould and made a deck with an integrated enclosure. I stopped before I finished it because I went ahead and made some enclosures instead. I was using fibreglass and was going to use wood for a core material.


Theres also the Alien power CF deck with integrated i clousure.


And there’s miami electric boards


I will hopefully sell some in the near future. 100% Canadian Maple with a hollow core and top hatch.

Hi ! Just to share my 1st one too (made time ago now but I retake it back cause I see a 10s3p with maybe 2 focbox/vesc can old in :smile: … but it is still for sale ! It’s fully closed road side (no holes, wairing or switch) (1st try)

More info >


Great info guys! @evoheyax what type of battery config + electronics would fit in your board?

I will offer an open version of my decks for builders eventually. When?..I really can’t say but it shouldn’t be too long.

i’ve been trying to do this for years too… this whole mess started because i wanted a deck and box for DIY people. There wasn’t one then. Now literally everyone has one and i still don’t lmfao