Derek Maseuli (BigBoyToys) Honor GROUP RIDE. April 7th. Playa Del Rey. 11AM

Well make one for the people who can’t go to the one at Carlsbad soon so I can make plans

I tried to get you LA people to just do the original ride. But everyone can’t make it

Are you going to Carlsbad, then? I took the day off to do this shit. I ain’t backing out.

Me? Yes I am. We labeled this as a DEREK ride. I can’t back out of that

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Cool. I’ll see you a Hennesey’s, then. @psychotiller is not going to make it, unfortunately.:cry:

OC ride. Nobody can bitch about the drive

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I’m rumning late…

RIP Derek, I know you used to come to the North Shore of Oahu for the surfing competitions. Solo ride for you, from a place you used to love.