Derek Maseuli (BigBoyToys) Honor GROUP RIDE. April 7th. Playa Del Rey. 11AM


Due to potential rain, this ride’s location has been changed to Carlsbad, CA. Meet at Hennesey Tavern at 11am

Joe (SoCal Legend) posted this on Facebook. Derek was a brother to many of us. He left us, his family and loved one way too early. If you can make it to this ride in his honor please join.

Playa Del Rey is 10-15 minutes south of Santa Monica. If you are elsewhere, consider starting a group ride in Derek’s honor this day, we can make this an annual DerekRide!


@treenutter can we pin this for the next two weeks?


Anyone in NYC want to ride around for a bit for Derek?

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@scepterr ?


Hey. Do you guys know Tishawn? I hit him up and he’s going to get a NYC Derek Honor ride going

Yea he’s a nice dude that wears a fedora for a helmet lol

Lol yeah. It’s a bit odd to have this ride in Derek’s name without a helmet

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Just looked at the weather. Not sure what to do if it rains.

SoCal people who planned to go. Here’s plan B if it rains

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I just checked the weather for Carlsbad and Oceanside. Same rainy icon on Saturday. IF I show up I might just have to bring the Boosted XR since it’s the only one I’m willing to ride in wet conditions (Don’t judge)

@DevoCut @thisguyhere @joeadams101 @psychotiller

FYI, The SoCal ride has been moved to Carlsbad. Meet at Hennessey’s Tavern @ 11am

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I am now able to go! See you guys there!

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pass from me, that’s a bit out of my range.

have fun bois, pour one for me.

@thisguyhere Did you & @joeadams101 @DevoCut want to stick with original plan? I’ll join since I needed to head up to LA later in the day anyway. So LA Beaches works well

I think Dave @psychotiller might go to Carlsbad since that’s closer for him

@Exiledd_Top how about you!?

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@Mikenopolis Sorry, Just yesterday I got the call in to work at 12:45pm tomorrow #freelancelife so I won’t be able to make it, as I probably won’t be done till 3pm or so.

i wouldn’t be able to make it either way though, got company coming over.

but, it’s getting warm, i’m sure we’ll have plenty of opportunities to go ride!

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I was planning on not going if it was on Carlsbad it’s to far but if it’s in Santa monica I am still up for it

Looks like no LA county peeps are going. We should get another ride going soon, maybe Huntington or Newport Beadh which would be between everyone here.

So, am I just riding with the SD people tomorrow?