Design files for nano-x thumb piece

anyone know where i can find the design files for the thumb piece to the nano-x. mine is a bit messed up and want to 3d print a new one

this might work:

i dont think so. it says its for the nano not nano x

but thanks

The only difference between the two is the housing. Same internals.

I’d like this too… My nano-x controller wheel is just a tad janky on the far ends of the throw.

If I could print a new thumb wheel or case, that would be great. I might end up trying to disassemble and draw something up at some point if this doesn’t come up…

@onloop … Any hope maybe for CAD files for personal modifications to our Nano-X controllers?

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@onloop that would be amazing for those who want to print in a more reinforced filament

It’d also help me not have to manually measure the thing to design it into an enclosure to fit in my slide gloves, between the glove and puck, without crushing the thing :sunglasses:

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i mean just tonight the thumb piece was getting wobbly so i tried putting glue on the pot but it didnt work, and now its hitting the side of the remote and its just a mess.