Designing an all in one carbon fibre deck for a large battery pack

Hi everyone, This is a repeat of the post on the esk8 news forum, just in case people don’t use the other one (I am new to posting on forums in general so please go easy on me!) My friend and I want to design a carbon fibre deck on CAD that can house at least: A 10s6p 18650 flat pack A flipsky 6.6 (the largest that I know, just as a reference) A bms And all the wiring Also, I want to design it so that it can fit maybe 50 21700 cells. If anyone have the dimensions of a similar build, please comment below, it will help me so much! The reason that I want to make it carbon fibre is the durability and I just love the look of CF :grin: Also I want to design it so that it can be completely sealed from water once I put the griptape on top. Let me know if there are any potential problems! Peace out :v: