Dickyho 5M 36T/40T/44T pulley for kegel wheels



Damn. Those are legit. I like. Great job :+1:t3:

Hi @dickyho

I need a pulley but bolt-on install, not press-fit because my truck axle is too short. I have Caliber 2 trucks. How will it work then? I already have a Kegel pulley with some hardware, but it’s a 36t and I need a 40t.

Actually, will it fit a caliber 2 truck?


Do you know anyone with a lathe?

This is what I did to my caliber truck with a bearing pulley

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my 40T kegel pulley can modify into bolt on install, just need to drill pass through those 5 holes with a 5mm core drill.

yes, it can fit with caliber 2 truck, but there’s a 4mm step on my pulley where the bore is 22mm. so you need to file you truck’s corner a little bit.

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I don’t know anybody with a lathe sadly. I’m also a bit scared that removing that much material will make the hanger more fragile as it’s not meant for that.

I guess I can do that, or at least try. Should I order through ebay and leave you a message there? Oh and what’s the width of he pulley? Are they for 12mm or 15mm?


What is the equivalent bearing for 10mm axles, 10mm ID x 24mm OD?

For the shared bearing with the wheel 10x22x10mm is 3900-2RS

both on ebay or with paypal si fine with me.

36T , 12.5mm

40T 17mm

44T 17mm

Hi @dickyho Sorry I didn’t have time to order yet, but now it seems that the listing ended on ebay and I can’t buy it? Also, would you do epacket shipping? I don’t mind paying for it.


Hi. sorry, I found an issue(wobbling) with my kegel pulleys today, already stopped selling them for now…


Ah, well, too bad for me but I guess it’s for the better! Let us know when you have a new model in stock :slight_smile:

Oh, I ordered a 40t pulley via ebay on the 9th May - will it be a wobbly one?


not sure, some do, some don’t. I will wait for you feeback.

Will there be a 36T and 15mm wide version?

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maybe , if more people need that.

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I like using 15mm belts but also in this day and age the pulleys that are press fit should be made so that no modification has to be made if that means a slightly high price than the other press fit that so it has to be because most people will not want to cut down brand new trucks where if they screw up its another set. BKB has press fits that dont need modification so it can be done some how.

Not sure what you’re referring too? These pulleys will fit over calibers etc with no mods. Only 3mm extra axle length is needed over no pulley at all as the internal clearance is 24mm.

There is a 3mmX22mm lip that is designed to share a 10mm wide pulley with the wheel. Then it increase to 24mm, which you can use with additional larger bearings if you have the available axle length, but its not needed.

I think the BKB pulleys require more axle length as their pulley does not extend over the truck hanger and includes 7mm wide 608 bearing?

Ohhh I see, @louwii mentioned needed to lathe, but I don’t think that is needed unless he has a particularly strange setup?



I was the one that pointed out the wobbly-ness to dickyho. I would not worry about it as the ones I got have a small wobble but they are still usable. It just you would not expect that from a CNC pulley. If your used to perfectly round you will be a bit annoyed but they are still workable. So dickyho decided to send all his stock back to the supplier.

To me it looks like they machined them from some standard stock pulleys they had and the worker has not taken the time to make the bearing section perfectly concentric to the toothed part.

Well mine arrived yesterday in super quick time, but my longer belts haven’t,

So, in the meantime I can only look at them :joy:

BKB doesn’t require longer axles you just share the bearing closes to the hanger. That is the one thing I dont like as I hate having to line up the spacer and think bones are just over priced I prefer the zealous bearings.

Guys just to let you know Dickyho has sent me a new updated pulley that has fixed any wobble. They are now perfectly concentric. And the bearing fitment is better, a good amount of friction fit.

His service has been great so I totally recommend. After I made him aware of the issue he took the other ones of ebay and told me he would send me the updated ones when fixe.

Thanks @dickyho !