Dickyho 6inch 6X2 Pneumatic tire pulley

I just got this samples of the 6 inch Pneumatic wheel’s 60T pulley, have it installed today, fits very good. it is 5M 60T for 15mm belt. this will be on sale very soon. price will be acceptable. the production already begin. so pre-order will be fine. https://www.ebay.com/itm/303109363991 6D6F421E73B4FFB8F84336F17DF43E46 AF41F3B3E4053BBD66BD96CF80B8AEE4 7AD07A885543962B35BF7C8E662BFDF7 24735ABD25B832D68AC6A8BB5BD29987 B3760F6F7C9703805B38ACC913407818 9CCB78D7D66E8ED371E75D67E475F675 1462AF1191C70FE79C3666C18D24B90C 32364844210367F4FEDA778C1808638B



here is the screw holes dimention on my pulley. QQ%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%8720190323052106


Your pulleys look great! What’s the price on them? im useing a simular setup0314192106 @mishrasubhransu there’s now an option for these wheels without 3D printing!

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60T wheel pulley 28.5us/pc +shipping

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Yep, I talked to dickyho about that a day ago. I’ll definitely replace mine with these for peace of mind.

@dickyho, you should post this image on no words thread.

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How did you get metal pulleys so cheap? Wasn’t someone else selling metal AT pulleys for like $80 a piece?

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I run bigger quantity…


link pls for my project ^^

Will these pulleys fit the Airless tires on the AT setup for 4 wheel drive?

Yes lets us know when available

Any options for 40t or 44t maybe something around that area?

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What tires are these? Where can I get them?

Woohoo! Glad to see you made such quick progress on these pulleys. I’m looking forward to seeing the entire kit for sale.

Looks really good indeed! This should able to get ready to go package in one go… no need to fabricate seperate adapters!

What weight single pulley have? I guess it could be somewhat more heavy than aluminium ones?

Yours look on the thick side

Those are non- pneumatic tires…

@dickyho said you can buy them from him also

He’s dickyho! He can do anything :joy:

Really really good prices though :thinking:

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Oh woops my fault… thought these were the same

I like he does not try and ‘over sell’ anything - when he gives feedback its ‘go check with someone who used them I only sell them’ I like this :smile: