Did I break my motor or vesc? (SOLVED)

Can anyone familiar with Carvon hubs help me identify my problem?

Setup: I’m using Dual Carvon 2.5 hub motors with 2 Ollin 4.12 Vescs using a y splitter servo cable to connect to the receiver (not using canbus cable). I’m also in FOC mode.

Issue: One of the hubs spins sometimes. When it doesn’t it just makes a high pitch squeaking grinding noise.

What I did (I’m dumb I know) Everything was great but I thought the trigger on my Gt2b was a little too sensitive. I was messing with PPM app configuration to get more range. In doing so I must have accidentally hit “read default configuration”.

I found out something was wrong when one motor was significantly louder. I road one block and turned around and I lost brakes.

When I checked the setting on the vesc I noticed it was set back to default motor configuration with BLDC.

I reloaded the firmware and loaded the settings when it worked. Motor detection for FOC works every now and then. Now I get the noise on one motor and it just vibrates and squeals. No Fault code.

I also noticed the servo wire was loose on one of the vescs. Since I have been opening and closing my incredibly tight enclosure. I think the servo wire may have broke. So I re soldered a fresh y split servo wire. There also may be a slight possibility I connected the servo wire backwards, but really don’t think so.

What did I do? Did I…

  1. Break or stripped something in the hub motor
  2. Blow something in the Vesc
  3. Getting interference from motor wires.

I will try post a video tonight.

Check the length of your battery and ESC wires; VESC is sensitive to the length of battery wire.

Soldering these once you know how you want everything wired up is a good step that many folks here recommend. At the very least, hit the connection with hot glue to keep it stable.

So narrowed it down to one vesc.

Heres a video

The issue was one vesc and the BLDC tool!

For some reason after I did motor detection, hit apply and then write configuration I noticed the bottom right corner of the app never said it was writing. So I rebooted then hit write again. Now its working!


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Would you mind PM or posting your vesc settings, or screenshot? I am configuring dual Carvon v2.5 now, on dual ollin vesc, but on 12s2p. Having some issues, trying to figure out if it is the config or the remote. I basically used @RunPlayBack settings but sticking with BLDC until I get it stable as hear FOC on 12s is not as EZ as 10s! If I have your BLDC or FOC settings, I can probably figure out what I am doing wrong, and if a VESC or remote issue. THanks for any help!

Yeah sure…this is for my 12s1p though so results may vary.


FOC enabled Motor Max: 60.00 A Motor Min: -60.00 A Bat Max: 40.00 A Batt Min: -12.00 A Absolute Max: 130.00 A Max ERPM: 60000.00 Min input voltage: 8.00 V Max input voltage: 57.00 V Battery cut off start: 33.00 V Battery cut off end: 30.00 V

Thanks! Also, I think I have the startup boost setting wrong, it is ramping really slowly even on bench test which a first!

Anyway, I know that setting is for BLDC only and you are FOC, but I defaulted to 0.04…does that sound really low, what do people tyrpically use between 0.1 and 0.01? If that is not it, need to look elsewhere for the problem.

yeah 0.040 is what I use on BLDC

Thanks, will try a few of these tomorrow, maybe it warms up! Maybe just pitch over to FOC and try that instead, sounds like 12s1p worked ok.