Did I fry my motor?

I’m experiencing a problem with my board, possibly the motor. It’s stuttering and twitching when responding to the remote, video attached. The video shows the problem come and go. It started doing this occasionally and has since progressed to full time twitching. I had around 100 miles on my board without any previous problems. I’ve checked all connections and inspected the motor wires. I added heat shrink to the motor wires where they enter the enclosure. On the wiiceiver, I’m getting a rapidly blinking red light with another green light that flashes occasionally. Also, I’m running a 10s space cell and TB12s esc.

Did I burn up my motor? Esc? Would either show progressive symptoms?

The last time I experienced something like this, it was because one of the 3 phase wires from the motor had a bad solder joint at the bullet connector. When I pulled on the wire, it came right out of the bullet connector. It was a brand new TB 12s Esc. I re-soldered the connector and it’s been fine ever since. Check your connections by holding the connectors and pulling on the wires

Thanks that’s helpful, I’ll check it out.

So I’ve double checked all my connections and they look solid. I’m wondering why my wiiceiver shows a solid red light as soon as I pair it. I’m using extension leads from my motor to esc. Is there a length that’s too long to extend between the motor and esc? The motor is still stuttering and twitching when I move the throttle.

If you have another esc to try…

But sound like the quiver of death :astonished:

I had nearly the same Problem. In my case it was a short inside the Motor.

Is the Esc signal wire on channel 2 of the Receiver? Or is there only one channel?

Just tug on the motor wires while its running gently, and see if one of them is shorting onto another.

You will know if you’ve fried your motor (at least in the traditional sense), as the copper inside will turn black.

a short in the motor can do this, as can a fried ESC. Best bet would be to try a different motor on the same ESC, or try a different ESC on your motor.

What is the quiver of death?

I haven’t changed any of the esc or wiiceiver wires. The board worked well for 100+ miles. My motor is TB’s 6355.

I don’t have another motor or esc, so I’ll try a local hobby shop for testing.

How can I detect shorted wires? Or a short inside the motor? During my last good ride, I heard some snapping, popping coming from the motor or wires. I was going up a decent size hill. When I pulled over, the motor was hot. After it cooled off, it drove home fine. Would this be a symptom of the quiver of death?

If you’ve never burned out or shorted a motor … You wouldn’t know… Kinda the first symptom of a gonna be dead or dead motor…

It shakes … Basically quivers like it’s cold …only way I can describe it…

And…going up a hill can certainly do it…

I’ve killed many a motor my friend…

Good luck!

The Motor Slayer