Did I mount my trucks backwards? fuck

Hey Guys,

Im fairly new to DIY build. I went through the whole process but I think i may have fucked up mounting my trucks. I took it for a quick test ride and it just didnt feel safe. These are the Torqueboard trucks that are similar to caliber 2.

haha yes the rear (motor holding) is inverted front is fine.

nice build btw I like what you did there with the red mesh.

Crap… I knew it. I wonder if that’s why when I rode it I felt it was a death trap. Im not looking forward to untying everything, flipping the truck, resetting the mounts… Ugh. This build has taken soooo long.

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It’ll be worth it. Prepare yourself for the fact this won’t be the last time you have to take it apart and fix something. Part of it. Both a joy and a source of frustration. Let’s you know you’re living. Lolz


Well if mount the front backwards as well then you can have some fun in bizzaro land left+Right and Right=Left. But yeah just flip it around happens sometimes the back is on in reverse.


Fixed the trucks, remounted, finished up the VESC configs, took er for a ride this morning. This lil fucker is a torquey monster. Kinda scary, need to modify some of the power/break settings.

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