Did I wire this LiPo alarm correctly?

Could somebody look at the attached image of my LiPo alarm and tell me if I wired it into my adapter correctly? Also, if it’s correct, which battery goes to which plug - that part really confuses me.

I’m using 2x 3S batteries wired in series. I want the negative wire (not connected in my picture) to connect to the negative esc wire, AFTER my anti-spark loop key (so it only comes on when I’m powered up).

Thanks yall!

I kniow nothing about lipo alarms. but you should seriously shrink wrap thoes wires!

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Haha, I know. Suprisingly the harness you see came with no shrink wrap over those shitty connections and I added what you you see. Pulling those pins out is a bitch so I just covered up anything not covered in hot glue :stuck_out_tongue:

Assuming you use Lipo balance charger - If you connect the plugs not in the right order the charger will tell you the cells are imbalanced so just switch between the plugs. Another way is to check with voltmeter and see you get the right voltage of every cell.

When connecting in series 6s battery you need to wire only 7 wires so just cut the Minus on one of the plugs -

Wiring the alarm should be exactly as the balance plug.

If you need more help PM me.