Did it last? Long term gear reviews

This thread is for the review of gear used for over one year. What held up? What broke and how?

After about a year of use: My DIY welded motor mount snapped.

My Nyko Kama/wiiceiver has been awesome! No problems whatsoever. Same with my DIY 12s esc, no problems.

My 63xx motors from DIY have been hit or miss. I’m on my 3rd motor.

I’m curious if anyone has had a maintenance free experience with a Vesc?


Torque boards Caliber II clone + V3 Motor Mount/Drive Kit: owned for ~1 yr, held up 100% without locktite on normal use. Never had any difficulties

Torque boards Hub Motor owned for ~6 months, failed after 1 month and needed magnet work (were not glued properly). Fixed very easily, but still pissed about the low quality of the motor

MEB 8s ESC owned for ~ 6 months, absolutely bulletproof

Barajabali Batteries owned for ~ 6 months, no problems

Turnigy 192Kv SK3 owned for ~1 year, this thing is indestructible

Zippy LiPOs owned for 5 weeks, then 2 weeks, then 2 months. THESE THINGS SUCKED. One problem after another, they get puffy quickly, and LiPOs in general are a pain to deal with. Not worth 1 cent from my experience

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3d printed drive pulleys braking after 2 weeks if daily use

Motor mounts continuously loosing, after that I started to use loctite, no more issues afterwards

Good thread :facepunch:t2:


Man, how does Torque Boards 130kv Hub works? Create a post just for it PLZ

There is information about it here^ Now let’s keep this thread on topic

I love my Nyko Kama. 2 months in and not one drop out yet. I have a benchwheel remote but I love the cruise control function too much to give up. Also the benchwheel to me feels cheaper.

To early to say for my other stuff but also just owning lipos gives me anxiety :sweat:

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Instant Death: VESC 4.12 from unnamed manufacturer

DRV failure on 2 VESC 4.12 from unnamed vendor within weeks maybe a month I can’t honestly remember.

Working still to this day without any errors/faults @chaka VESC

SK3 6374 from unnamed manufacturer still working to this day, just had to reinsulate the wires within the motor

Motor mount still functioning to this day* from unnamed manufacturer

Battery still going strong to this day - however won’t charge pass 93% on a good day :slight_smile: from unnamed manufacturer

Enclosure cracks and so on, but some modification fixed all the issues here (came with the battery)

GT2B still working great even after being thrown at about 40km/h when the motor locked up (arcing pole wires)

Sector 9 Deck got pretty beat up due a VESC failure at the top of a hill xD but after some repairs it still seems to be ok, I’m just worried one day my trucks will snap off

@chaka vesc running strong for almost 6 months now. No issues.

Did you read the title? The first sentence of this thread reads “This thread is for the review of gear used over one year.”

What good is your post if you don’t list how long you’ve been using your gear? What good is your post if you don’t name the manufacturer of your gear?

i have Ollin 4.12s still in used from a year and a half ago.

Also enertion motor mounts, an old r-spec 245 that’s still kicking from almost three years ago, but other than that… not much. Even steel pulleys wear out.

we beat the shit out of our boards, so not much is going to last under the kinds of conditions we ride them in. We do this on purpose to figure out what’s worth a shit and what isn’t.

Nice! I saw your post on the steel pulley, it made me a lot less excited about the aluminum one I had just received from China.

1 year report. DIYes VESC: no issues. DIYes Motor Mount: no issues. DIYes Caliber Trucks: one kingpin stripped and had to be replaced. GT2E remote: cutouts GT2B remote: no issues Zippy Lipos: keep puffing after a few weeks 6s BMS from battery supports: some random cutouts.

Did you read other replies? Or you just wanted to jump on mine instead? The only things I haven’t had for a year+ are the shit that broke. As for not naming one of the manufacturers it’s because I threatened to be banned “bashing” that paticular manufacturer so I don’t bother saying anything good or bad about them here anymore

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DIYes motor mount: 6 months. Scuffed but held up well.

Sk3 6372, 192kv: 9 months. Broke with past weekend, bolts holding it together came loose slowly, now won’t stay tight, it essentially comes loose every 3-6 days.

DIYes gearing and belt. 6 months. 13/16T gearing holding up very well. Belt is slowly getting stripped.

DIYes VESC: 6 months. Shorted out and cause DRV error (completely my fault). Was great up until then.

Ollin Board co. Vesc. 3 months. Works great

Nano “winning” remote. 9 months. Held up great, though cuts out in specific places along my route for 1-2 seconds. I suspect large power cables under the road causing interference.

DIYes trucks. 9 months. Work fine, but I needed to replace the bushings as the ones it comes with are not very good.

zippy lipos: 3 months. 4x 3s 5000 mah. Work great, no signs of wear and very little drift. (good considering I don’t balance charge).

Lowe’s “servilite” toggle switch (for On/Off). 9 months. Held up great for 12s at 50A. cost: $5.

3 years on my first improved prototype is still going strong. I have literally thousands of kilometres on it.

Zippy lipos: still strong no puff. One cell seems a little weaker but regular balance keeps ot in check.

Sk3 motor: no issues

Hobbyking 150A esc: no issues

Aluminium motor pulley: i have replaced one already it wore down to the point of no longer being able to drive. The replacement is getting a little worn now but still driving.

Belts: probably broken about 5 in 3 years. I attribute this to small rocks getting caught in them. They dont seem to wear out just snap randomly.

24v circuit breaker: despite being hit on the ground constantly I have only seen one break. Having said that i have moved to loop keys on my later builds due to the cost.