Did my motor just die?

So I was riding to work casually and felt this little “glitch” I think thats a good word as it wasnt cogging … Then the board felt sluggish which when I stopped i noticed only one motor was running… The motor was super hot… When I cut the power it cooled…power on gets hot… I had to keep riding to.get to work but less than a mile… Checking it along the way… And at some point it started moving again but doesnt really spin with the same power/force as the other motor with a lil rev of the throttle.


My guess, magnet is loose and having a party inside the can.


I.didnt hear any rattling or feel any friction from something that might have been wedged =\

Is there resistance when you turn it by hand?

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I’ll need.to try later when I.get back to the board . are there any multimeter tests I can do as well to see.if theres any info there?

not an expert, but resistance between each of the leads would be a good idea – wire 1-2, 2-3 and 3-1 should have pretty much exactly the same resistance

– if one is high, you’ve got a winding that’s been nicked and will fail. if one is low, you’ve got a winding that has shorted. you should be able to look up the expected resistance

Yes… Feels like the belt is super tight even tho I have the idlers as loose a possible… My other motor with proper tension spins better =\

just gave it a quick test and all measured out the same, i was assuming it was still dead and was gonna swap in a random motor for a week to keep the dual power alive, but decided to run motor config. again to see if anything tripped or gave an error code. everything checked out fine and now its running again, although still seems to have some sort of drag on its free spin abilty… can is noticeable warmer compared to the other… still no noticeable sounds to help in diagnosis

Took a bit of a chance there. Usually a bad idea to detect a suspect motor. Make the vesc go poof.
I would be getting in there and checking out the bearings and magnets before it does some more damage. A rear bearing went on one of my motors and the resulting debris shattered the sensor pcb and shorted the motor killing my vesc. That started off by feeling a bit tight on hand spin. Definitely time to open her up if its not still in warranty.

im sure it is… but back to china it would have to go =/ #maytech

Pain in the arse. I’ve no idea what maytech are like for back up. Never had one break on me. Try mailing them and maybe they can help. When my HK motor went they told me to open it to see. When I sent it back eventually it was in bits in a box. Did everything by mail and photos and they sent a replacement before receiving the bad one. Depends whether maytech stand by their products I guess.

we’ll see what happens…just pulled it off and swapped another in…guess i get to test another offset idea for science… one 6355 190kv at 15/36 and a 6374 170kv at 18/36 =P

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dual diagonal for that set up

I skimmed through this but have you check phase wires connections? My liftboard would always pop a weld on the connectors one the motor. And even could be the vesc side as well. I know when one would pop, id have to push start and it would take off as normal. Motor would get super hot. Cogged like ass from a dead stop.

nah, wont work with all the shit crammed in my box… anyways i got those 6374s coming in from the maytech group buy hopefully in the next week or so, so wont have to be to long like this… AND got the “cheap ass pnuemies” delivered as well…so all sorts of R&D going on this week lol

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I’m all out of builds till after the new year. Sad times. Can’t wait to start pulling the trigger on some new parts.

sometimes u just gotta fire up the soldering iron for no good reason and act like yur being productive lol

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I’m just being selfish. I still have the wifes board to finish and 4 repairs to bang out. Nothing for me though. Me me me


build an ebike then…theres plenty of shit to go wrong and plenty of improvements to keep you busy lol

this is what I want to build. Off topic but its your topic so no drama.

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