Did you buy a FlipSky Dual FSESC4.20 hoping to go 12s? I can help

That sucks. Sell it to me. I’ve got a weak 10s2p battery that needs a cheap vesc for a light weight short board. Sell me your disappointment. Or just give it to me to free yourself of your shameful purchase.

*im totally gonna lowball you. Lol im looking for cheap haha sorry.


that was funny, and I appreciate the honesty :slight_smile:.


Ill be here all week


Dont forget to tip your waitress.


Just the tip


Is space an issue? If not I’d just go for 2 flipsky vesc 4.12’s You can get them on ebay for 50 bucks a pop I’ve heard some people negotiate it down to like 40 45? (Via ebay messages)

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No space is not. Just looking for a replacement for the ebay dual esc on my riptide

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I just promised mine to @bigben for an undetermined amount of foraging in his magical esk8 drawers. I’m going to rinse that shit.


Well then I’d look into 4.12’s.

In my mind I think there like in-between HK and TB vesc’s But I dunno maybe you’d know better.

Edit: you know what basically HK vesc’s running 4.12 software.

I know very little

Then welcome to the club LoL.

-___- your stats man there that of a stallion.

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I don’t retain knowledge well. Im trying lol

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we’ll get this debatable fact,

I’ve heard of many issues even on 10s with the 4.2s

But I’ve heard less issues (actually none) on them flipsky 4.12s I actually got one maybe I should get of my lazy ass and test them and be of some help LoL.

Im getting a free 10s2p made from less then desirable cells. Its a meh battery. But it’s better than the 6s3p in there now so ill take it. Figured it’d be worth even a minimal upgrade to the vesc if i can do it cheap.

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yeah 4.2s should work fine just follow @mmaner’s guide and set them up right.

It’s just I doubt they’d be any cheaper.

Goodluck man I hope u get them next to free ;).

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I’m planning to sell my dual 4.20 when I get the Unity. How much are you willing to pay for it?

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I got one too if it’s long from mtuan293 :wink:

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Same boat here

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So noone had any luck runing it at at least 40A per vesc not even on BLDC?

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Is that battery amps or motor amps? I ran mine using 10s2p 20R battery so max amps was 20A, max motor amps was 80A