Difference between 18650 batteries


Does anyone know the difference between Samsung’s 18650 26f and 26j? Wasn’t able to find any difference. I want to connect them in series/parallel I need to know if it is possible.


They have same specs yet different prices. Maybe the chemistry is not the same. Or they are built at different factories. There must be a reason for the price. Of course you can do series and parallel with Those.
Just an advice… Those are low rated. For a little more you can buy better cells. I’d aim for 10a or close to 10a.

If you compare on Nkon’s website, the only difference I can see if that they don’t offer multibuy discount on one of them, the battery rated voltage is slightly different and the actual size is a tiny tiny bit different…

However, If you check: http://lygte-info.dk/review/batteries2012/Common18650comparator.php

You will see the 26J comes out a weeny bit on top…

@rojitor yup, but got a good deal on those. @darkkevind Is it possible to connect them together with no issue?

The difference between them is so minimal. I would say yes as long as you have a good BMS or balance charger.