Difference between Alien power wheels and enrtion wheels

Hi does anybody know if there is any difference between the Alien power wheels and the enertion/abec wheels? Can I fit the enertion wheel pulley on the Alien wheel? Thanks

They are both clone wheels. So they should work. Please send a link to the alien ones so I can double check

Alien wheels feels softer and are more true to their rating in my opinion, enertions wheels are quite hard



I have alien wheels and I liked them but they were a bit hard. I swapped them for abec flywheels and the change was very noticeable :+1: The aps wheels fit the abec mounts too.

So technically any pulley designed to fit abec flywheels or enertion wheels will also fit the alien power system wheels correct. If so I want to buy the kit for my alien wheels, will it fit? http://www.ebay.com/itm/DIY-Electric-Skateboard-ABEC-Flywheel-Pulley-Kit-15mm-Wide-Belts-/272544248198?hash=item3f74e73186:g:pKIAAOSw9GhYl4Yh

I have read that they are interchangeable and enertion are harder

yep they will fit