Difference between Hub Motors

Between these 800w Maytech Hubs: http://www.maytech.cn/en/mto91hbm-nh/8803.html


meepo 250w hub motors : https://meepoboard.com/products/90mm-quiet-most-powerful-hub-motor

Is there a difference in power, or is the peak wattage just marketing? I am being told that they will perform the same, in terms of power and top speed, but im not so sure about that.

Edit: also, theoretically same kV


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When its hubs it depends on the design ,teeth ,and like magnet sizes which is usually how big the motor is but most of all its also kV , watts do play a role how good it is but it depends on the kV exsample if its 500kv and 200 watts its not going to run at 500kv or at that top speed . read it in some old post "hummies vs some guy " someone correct me if am wrong

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Thanks 10char

I have both motors, they perform comparably. The Maytechs get me up hills better with the same VESC settings. But the Maytechs develop much more heat and the blue Urethane tears more easily. In terms of top speed they are the same. Overall i like the generic ones better then the Maytechs. If you run them with Vescs they are good for a daily commuting driver, but maybe not satisfying as a high performance hobby toy.