Difference between three motors 6374 170kv

Can someone explain me the difference between these three motors:


Suggestions are welcome

At the moment i use the first one but is damaged.

Thanks in advice

I’d stick with the one you have, i’m not sure why it failed but it weighs about 100g or 15% more than the other two. I think more copper is better for cool running performance than less.

nr 1 and 2 are basically the same except for the shaft. 8 and 10 mm. this could conflict with pulley. nr 3 is basically nr 2 but closed off for dirt and debris. also 10 mm shaft.

According to you which is better?

I believe spec wise they are all in the same boat. How did you damage yours?

I decided against the HEV due to lack of hall sensors meaning no FOC mode possible right?

edit: FOC mode not dependant on sensored motors

The motor case is bent and It makes a lot of noise.

You dont need hall sensors for FOC

Thanks for the info. I did not know that, thought it was a prerequisite of FOC. So they only help with smooth start-up and acceleration

If you ask Bruno nicely​:wink::wink: he will add sensors to the HEV motors!!


oo la la, too late for me, I am going to do the mesh thing. In other news my APS motors were found by ParcelMotel whoop whoop

When I asked about adding sensors to 6355 HEV motors I was told only the 5070 HEV can be sensored from APS

Ohhh That’s a shame , I have sent him message yesterday and waiting for answer. Well then I’ll get sensored 6355 190, shame HEV can’t do sensors - perhaps there is no space …

Idk buddy, I had like 50 e-mails go through between him and me, so maybe I just annoyed him and he said yes.

they might all be the same motor from the same factory. the one with the lowest resistance would be best as it will produce the most torque with least heat.

Btw, I think APS motors are Maytech motors but rebranded. For what I heard they work great and it is an advantage to have Bruno in uk to reach out in case of failure

@MontPierre Agreed, I would really prefer to get both HEV and sensored as well. @BoostedBuilder So if we all bug him enough they’ll become a real thing?

Personally i would stick to 8mm shaft motors - the most compatibility and flexibility for gears. Finding 10mm gears can be a PITA.

I also would stick to motors with sensors - Sensored is pretty sweet at slow speeds (startup especially)!


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Do you know if anyone has tried drilling out gears to fit a larger shaft? Seems pretty easy if you have a good vice.

Of course it’s possible if you have the tools. Challenges are most will have a keyway you’ll lose. or grub screws that you need to cut down as well.

I’d stick to 8mm shaft motors - best compatibility and i can’t recall anyone bending one off the top of my head. And if they did i’d bet it was doing something beyond my skill or offroad…