Differences within the SK3 Lineup and influence on a board

Another question about boards, but now about the difference between Turnigy motors. Last sunday I was trying a really awesome electric board and I almost bought it until this moment struck. During the test ride a small rock went into the motor and destroyed the inner winding. Not a big deal I hear you think, but neither me or the person who was selling it knew how to rewind a brushless motor. So the plan was to just buy a new motor, but that’s what my question is about.

4x MultiStar 4s 5,2A ( 2xseries)x2 in paralel giving: 8s4p10.4A at 10c

So we have 8s to utilise in combination with the motor. But the motor we first used, Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6354-260kv, is really hard to come by nowadays. The search for an alternative began and we found this motor, Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-213kv. Will this work in combination with the board and the batteries, and what will happen to performance? Thanks in advance! Links down below for the lazy people here :stuck_out_tongue:

Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6354-260kv Old one Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-213kv Potential new one

the 213kv will work but a 245kv sk3 would perform much better at 8s.

look at chakas post for orientation

Think you meant 8s2p, 5.2Ah, and 10.4Ah. Just wanted to prevent confusion.

I really don’t know what’s the difference between these two, can you explain?

Yea, so you have four packs total of 4s batteries. Also can be written as 4s1p batteries. So two in series makes it 8s1p, then two in parallel makes it 8s2p. The other fixes were just a spelling mistake, you wrote A (amps) instead of Ah (amp hours).

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