Different control scheme

I was thinking it would be cool to set up a skateboard with hydraulic brakes controlled by a digital servo and have some type of device that could transfer the opposite throw of the servo arm to a micro pot (like a hand throttle) to send that signal to the vesc. Then we could run a single motor, but still have dual wheel brakes.

It would probably take a machining genius to make the parts, but I think it would be pretty neat contraption.

Also for a single wheel or dual wheel, make a freewheel (like a bicycle) for the wheel gear, so that you could kick your board without any mechanical resistance.

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So your braking would still be the back 2 wheels? Because how would it work having the hydraulic brake while to motor is still being driven or in neutral? This also takes away regenerative braking no? I do like the idea though and think it would be cool to see.

I don’t really see any reason for this. You can just build reliable board with dual motors and big battery so you don’t have to kick and both rear wheels brakes.

The brake discs should be at the front for right and left brake activity. Using a servo for throttle and brake, there can only be throttle or brake activated at one time, not both. It would work a little like a nitro RC car/truck.

It probably would take away from regenerative braking, unless you make the front brakes very light, so that all three/four wheels could take part in slowing the board.

@Tuomalar, innovation sometimes have humble beginnings. It doesn’t hurt to explore other options to make something work.

Makes sense now, should be sweet if it ever comes to fruition which I hope it does.