Different type of battery cell? - New Magneto esk8 (Revolution)

Seems there is right now a new Magneto electric board coming. It sports a different type of battery I haven’t see before. Anybody knows something about it?

Here’s the site… https://magnetoboards.com

What kind of battery is it? Could be a LiIon in just a different type of casing. No listing that I could tell on project page.

Don’t know (??). Seems to me this is a new model with a new page, but there is also the other ‘new’ Magneto esk8 from less than a year ago. Think they haven’t launch this one properly or something, but they are selling the board at their site right now… price US$ 799

Becareful not to get confused when you search ‘Revolution’ because it will take you to the Flex Revolution esk8 project in the UK which its a different eboard. This Magneto Revolution is another thing.

Website looks pretty sketchy and I didn’t see anything resembling a detail about the board… I’d treat it as vaporware until proven otherwise.

Just curious, why do you think it’s a different type of battery (other than just the enclosure)? I didn’t see it mention anything re: the battery on the site.

Haven’t seen anything like it before on a esk8. The casing looks different than other batteries. Kind of a aluminum enclosure. Don’t know nothing about its inner stuff. Beats me. The thing looks neat although. And for our purpose I think is a good alternative worth exploring. Imagine the possibilities. You get one of these batteries and everything is there. No complex cutting, drilling, molding, etc. Well, just a thought.

This is fake news :joy:.A chinese board reseller implementing a new battery chemistry, give me a break. The only ones that i trust for a new, better battery chemistry are Tesla and John Goodenough. Probably a bunch of salvaged laptop 18650s stuck together, so you can have a lit :fire: ride


A spec-less board…must be awesome…lol

Nice relooking of the koowheel/genesis

This is a joke right? Please tell me your not serious

He’s not. It’s just one big SUPER BATTERY!

I can identify that battery casing it was previously used on a electric bike. It’s probably a 10s 40 cell battery. Not 100% but pretty sure.