Difficult Deck choice request

Hi Guys,

I am building a board for a friend. He has ridden my board which currently a 38" bamboo board with a kicktail and he has ridden the previous iteration that was a twin cutout style less flexible 40" board.

From what he has told me he prefers the flex of the bamboo board but would prefer a shorter board overall.

He also wants the ability to pop on some pneumatic wheels in the future (so i’ll be going with some wider trucks).

The questions I have is what slightly flexi board that is around 35" with twin cutout (to accommodate pneumatic wheels) do you recommend?

Please keep in mind he would like to keep the deck in the sub AU$100 which limits this a lot as I found the Loaded Icarus which is a touch long but meets his requirements but is way over budget.

Really appreciate all your help.

Cheers, Patrick

With your budget I would perhaps spend some time on Facebook marketplace and any pre-loved sale sites you have over there and let patience find you a decent second hand deck that fits the criteria.

If you don’t have the time to wait there’s probably a deck, someone will know of one.

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Thanks mate,

I am have saved a few searches on facebook marketplace and am continually checking gumtree for the deck. Hopefully something comes up.

Nothing wrong with pre-loved if it’s been taken care of.

I am gonna do you a solid because I spent a month trying to find the perfect deck with same requirements.

That’s 36" long with cutouts, Slightly flexible dropthrough Landyachtz drop hammer.

This video shows the board flex.

I got it in US for $75


@treenutter think u have anything for the man that fit the specifications?


Its not a difficult choice my friend at all. This is readily available in aus and is nearly in budget. Great deck. https://www.sector9.com/collections/decks/products/timber-bintang-deck

you can use an @Eboosted enclosure on it too. Lucky you.


@myreala That board looks sweet but in AU it costs AU$210 plus shipping from a local (within the borders) store.

@dareno I do like the look of the Bintang deck. But I have only been able to find it as a complete and that is over AU$300.

I really don’t want a complete as i’m gonna probably use the TB trucks for the width to put pneumatics on and the wheels they provide are too small for the paths he will be riding and I need minimum 83mm which aren’t standard with these completes.

I’m not afraid to go slightly over budget for the right choice but double or triple can’t be done.

I’m gonna have to keep scouring the web to find either of these at a reasonable price and even check shipping costs from the US if any stores do ship this far. We don’t get nearly 1/4 the choice that US has on decks and in most cases it seems I am pushing the proverbial shit up hill to find a deck that is not sold as a complete.

For my personal deck I had to ask for the deck by itself as it was only sold as complete and the store owner told me I was being fussy. I already have 2 sets of trucks doing nothing i don’t need more stuff lying around. And resale of the trucks is basically impossible because the majority is sold as completes in Aus.

Thanks for your help with these options.

Cheers, Patrick

whereabouts in aus are ya my friend? i use the kmart longboard deck, but stripped down to bare maple. https://www.kmart.com.au/product/38in.-free-rider-skateboard/1970301?&gclid=Cj0KCQjwjbveBRDVARIsAKxH7vle3688h6-W0GrHbKVqHcm_WENhX6JsCZKN7x77Qoy95WHUIMGiJG0aAhnqEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds use some tb trucks on it and you’ll be sweeeeeeeeeet

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@treenutter’s boards look sweeeeet.

But I doubt he can offer anything in my price range as they look to be hand finished and i would never expect such art to be so cheap. If he is willing to help a brother out, I wouldn’t say no as they are beautiful boards, but I do not expect that as making anything like that takes time and everyone’s time is valuable.

I would much prefer to keep looking to find a mass produced item at the right price than to haggle with someone producing great work on a small scale.

@mynamesmatt I am in SE suburbs of Melbourne. In the Glen Waverley area. Where abouts are you?

I have a kmart deck lying around that I built the first test board on. So I may build it on that and upgrade the deck at a later stage to something a little nicer once I find it. I found it a little uncomfortable myself on longer rides.

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NW sydney man, find the Melbourne electric riders on fb they’re a cool bunch. i think jay bostons in there too

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Thx for the mention @Holyman92! I don’t current sell a design that to spec - my shortest deck at the moment is 38.5"

Thx @Pmac I appreciate it! Shipping to AUS from the US is pretty expensive. The shipping alone would use up most of the funds in the range you’ve specified.


Kmart. really. Now go off and complete 15 hail marys and 22 our fathers. Oh and wash your mouth out with soap. @Pmac really? No one sells the deck only? That is australian fuckery right there. Drives me crazy. That deck retails at 150 bucks stand alone. And is the business. just look at what you can do with it.

I’m searching


Right so did a little research and if you contact whichever shop is local that supplies sector 9 stuff they can order whatever you want off the us site. As long as they sell the gear to start with. Apparently theres no market for just decks in aus. Like fxxk theres not. Should be able to special order whatever sector deck you want. Or indeed whatever brand you decide on. They won’t break down a complete but can order you deck only. Or just buy it from the states. With shipping it will be about 160 aus. My pal owns a skate shop but can’t sell sector because of the board store having the dist rights. They’ll order you anything tho.

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@dareno when you’re on a budget it works just fine lol. I fibreglassed the top and bottom of it and coated it in black epoxy and its a decent feeling deck. don’t dis the poor ok :joy:


@dareno Thanks for the research mate.

I’ll give them a call now and see what they can do about ordering a deck for me.

Appreciate the help.

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I was meant to be on a budget. But you kind of lose track of how much you have spent when you order part by part and make noob mistakes. I could probably make myself a new board in a week now and with the amount I spent on the original and it would probably be twice as good.

But i guess DIY is about learning so I did a lot of that.

Nice work on fibreglassing the deck. I like your deck with the 3D printed enclosure.

I started off with the kmart deck, 3d printed motor mount and 3d printed brackets to hold the batteries and VESC to the board. Worked a treat but was just uncomfortable for me. Maybe the size of my feet as that w concave just did not feel nice to me.


well thats kind of different then. :pleading_face: please forgive me oh diy master. Seriously you did all that to a k mart deck? Well done sir.
Thats the spirit of the forum right there.


I am part of the group. Haven’t been on a group ride yet but definitely planning to as soon as work dies down and I hopefully have a free moment.

when i drive to Sydney next time hopefully you guys will have a group ride organised. I doubt i can take my board on a plane with 333wh of batteries. And LiPo’s at that.

Did you have a build thread about that deck? Seem to recall something. Link me it if you do please.