Dig-diggy Board | Arbor AXiS | Ronin Cast | Hub Motor 80kv 90mm | 10s5ah (x2) | dualESC 30a | mini remote Maytech

It’s me again :hugging:

Migration of the SWE super cool kit:

and upgrade or downgrade (for some like vesc) some elements whose the deck (!!!) flex, dropthrought, long, beeaaautifull, very very beautiful on the top :stuck_out_tongue: the DualESC and the mini remote by Maytech that I really like ! (nonetheless Im more a GT2B guy !!)



-The dual ESC is really looking great ! Nothing to do it’s plugNplay !! Compact, with build in receiver and powerswitch, FOC sensored … what else for a so cool little and cheap dual esc. -Remote … like I said I more a GT2B guys since more than 4 yrs, but I want the perfect combinaison for this setup and its worth it ! High and low speed can be easily switched, automatic throttle calibration when power on, when signal losses for 5 minutes remote will automatically shut down to save power and receiver will turn off the throttle to protect the rider in case ! LED indicates Skateboard battery (so so sool - works for 10s setup) and LED for remote battery voltage too !! A led for both, they flash green to communicate voltage forks and will flash red when voltage is low) You also can switch from esc to fast mode with just on click of the only button on the remote (work in reverse mode too that can be activated by double clicking on this button) ! I love this eco mode, its like a cruise control on a long cool road, it run about 25kmh. (fast mode, more than 40 !). All info in the manual here :wink: -Hubs work still good seens this summer, it feel different than with vesc setup… smooth as well, brake really really strong (good point for me). It is the perfect season for this hubs with cool temperature :slight_smile: Maybe the FOC mode too, it not that hot than with vesc in bldc (but it was summer with around 30C° … so hard to say)

It’s cool honestly, I mostly drove in eco mode seen the water everywhere and to cruiser it’s just perfect, on long bike path I spent it full trigger without stress. The fast mode is more reactive, it starts stronger, it takes even better !! But the weather and wet road don’t help me for a real real stress test yet.

The rest in video :

More to comes, thanks you for reading me e-riders :wink:

Peace :v:


I was inspired by you!! Ronin+hubs perfect combination!

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Thanks man ;), it was really good feeling on it, but I will try an other thing. 80kv 10s is quite good for vmax, but I want more power and don’t need extrem vmax for cruising (just for climbing).

So almost started already stop :grin: And I have my eMTBoard for the season coming ! !

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