Dilemma...Psychotiller 6" pneumatic Wheels

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As most of you know, I had a bum batch of wheels come in recently. The bearing seats were milled incorrectly creating a slight wobble. Also, I made a shitty design error which made the valve stem hard to install. On top of that, the machine shop reversed key dimensions forcing me to modify the tire beads just to be able to make 2 sets available for mccloed and I to test them.

The rides weren’t actually that bad. For 6" tires they seem big and bouncy. Anyway, Several people are waiting for wheels so I thought I would offer up a solution. For $200 I will send you a set of my wobbly wheels. Why you ask would you want a set of wobbly wheels? Because They will only be interim wheels until the new wheels arrive. You’re $200 would be a deposit on the new wheels. When the new wheels arrive, The balance for new wheels would be $100. And you get to keep the wobbly wheels. All in all, you’d get 2 sets of wheels for $300.

I’m throwing this out there because it would greatly help me pay for the new batch of hubs and get you rolling on 6" pneumatics. There are 8 sets available.

  1. Mmanor- PIF Second set shipped 9405909699938465005040
  2. EBoostin-PIF Second set shipped 9405909699937603864280
  3. davidjembe -PAID
  4. crushkrew -PIF Second set shipped 9405909699939959810300
  5. mobutusan -PIF Second set shipped 9405909699939959795188
  6. Jdog PIF Second set shipped 9405909699937603854571
  7. 1Q-Ford -PAID
  8. Treenutter!! -PIF Second set shipped 9405909699938462228411

Let me know what you guys think. If no interest, I’m still going to do another run, it will just take longer.


I’m down with that. PayPal ok?

Fyi, they CANT be any worse than skikes :grinning:.

Paypal works. Yeah, they’re better than skikes for sure!

Definitely better than skikes. These wobble but I really didn’t notice too much once I got some speed. They seemed to smooth out.

Is it two sets of wheels and tires for $300 or 2 sets of wheels and 1 set of tires?

Two sets of wheels and tires.

Would you say the wobble is worse than stock (unbalanced) first gen Evolve AT wheels?

I’m in for a set

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Oh sorry was that off topic? I was just trying to explain why I don’t need a new set :frowning:


Maybe about the same…Tires help though. These are 4 ply.


NP @Maxid ! Just trying to keep things tidy. Pls share more about the new hub when you can!

@psychotiller awesome! Do these come w wheel pulleys?

Very tempting. What are our pulley options for these wheels? I’m assuming they would be extra?

Yup! They come with pulleys.

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You have the choice of 42t or 60t . I will include 2 pulleys with this offer .

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Sent you a pm for info so as not to clog up the thread. I’m interested.


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I’m down, can you send ME a PM

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@psychotiller these tires are the 6x2?

Yes. 6x2. .

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I’m in for a wobbly set…:wink:

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