Dilemma...Psychotiller 6" pneumatic Wheels

I’m post up example pictures tomorrow too! Have a good night guys

Can I get the inner part please? I’m running 15mm

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Oh awesome!! If you have the 42t, 15mm pulleys, please send me two sets of those also and tell me what I owe you. I’ve already swapped one pulley plate over to make an 18mm pulley for my 15mm single drive setup that I stole from my old eMTB. Gotta say that I really like the modular, easily swappable design of these pulleys; 6 quick hex bolts and the pulley’s off, with the tire and wheel still intact and inflated. You could probably swap a pulley in a minute or so, not that you’d need to very often, but it’s stl nice.

I think these have become my new favorite wheels, even though I’ve only put <5 miles on them. They look AMAZING and ride quite smoothly despite the very slight wobble, which I can’t really feel it when I’m riding. Gotta air them up though. Lol. I accidentally took my first run on them with about 10-15psi in them cause I forgot to check that first, and while they still felt like they rolled fine, my Lipo alarm kept prematurely going off when I’d accelerate too hard or maintain too much speed. Figured out that I had way too much rolling resistance from them being way underinflated, and it was causing excessive current draw and voltage sag for my little 5ah 6s battery. I pumped them up to 30 psi, and it feels smooth as butter now. Can’t wait for round 2 of these things! So sick.

It’s only fitting that these sweet baby pneumies start out life on my experimental Mini Monster Penny Nickel board. Might have to change her name from Penniclees to Percules now. :joy: She’s setup temporarily in mini hybrid all terrain mode right now with one of my eMTB mounts and a custom molded mount by @hummie. I can quickly swap regular urethane wheels and a shorter belt on and use the second motor that’s setup for it. It’s totally ridiculous, but I love it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thank you @psychotiller!! :metal:


And yes, I echo what @Mobutusan said, thank you @psychotiller! These wheels/tires are art. The quality is next level. Can’t imagine what the revised version will be like except for wobble reduction


@Mobutusan @Eboostin That board belongs at a monster truck jams! Haha I’ll get your pulleys and pulley pieces sent out tonight! Thanks for all of the praise!


lol it’s like @unik’s board had a little baby esk8 lol


@psychotiller did you by any chance happen to test out if the matco tires fit on these hubs?

They are a different size.

The second half of the group buy is officially here!

There are 5 extra sets.


I’ll take a set

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I’ll take a set!!! Messaged you last week about getting in on the buy, but I wanna get in on this so posting here as well :grin:

I will take a set!

How is the revised version coming along and when do you think they will be available? @psychotiller

They are revised! They are in my shop and ready to ship. No issues and bad ass


So excited, when do we PayPal you?!

Anytime you’re ready. I can get them boxed up quickly. Do you want dual or single drive? 60 or 42 tooth pulleys? It’s 320 for dual drive. 300 for single.

PayPal is [email protected]

Ok, so $100, right? Since I was part of the original buy on the “wobble” wheels.

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Yes. Lol Just use paypal to my email address and I’ll get them shipped out this week.


Awesome, money sent!

15mm, 60T for me please.

This six shooter revision looks sick. You out did yourself

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Great, Dual 15mm 60T for me, got your PM so paying via website now thanks!