Dimensions of battery packs

Hey guys, I’m curious as to the dimensions of your 18650 packs. If you know them, id love to know single/double stacked, length, width and height if possible. As well as how many S/P units.


single stacked 12s4p x inches by x inches by x inches.

Anything helps. This is going towards helping my enclosure for my integrated deck. Thank you for anything!

‎ Why?

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Im trying to figure things out for the enclosure space in my integrated deck.

what size is the space?

Its still in the works im trying to figure out what size I should be shooting for. Right now its sitting around 19 inches long by 6.5 inches wide by 1.3 inches tall

Height is probably the biggest factor.

Edit: Here is an interactive model of the deck so far :slight_smile: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/0tjmL0IAE3e-smashing-wolt/edit?sharecode=eONlax9FQKTRgWdmtTptWc5VRMoOiMu3-d1yxmc5fBQ=

are you going 10s or 12s?

im not doing anything yet. this is a concept and I’m trying to see how big batteries are so I can see how to make the enclosure space.

I was about to make a thread like this, if possible I’d love to know the size of a 12s3p if anyone’s got one. Single stack

I think that space is probably very adequate or maybe overkill

You think? I would love to know the dimensions of like a 10s5p or even something bigger if possible so I could see.

You can easily calculate the size, in general… Model it up… 18650s are 18mm diameter, 65mm tall…

When I’m doing my modelling I use these dimensions, x 10 x 4 for example, + BMS dimensions from BMS spec sheet…


Thank God I wasn’t the only one thinking this. You know the size of the cells and the thickness of the Nickle strips. You can figure out demsions for any pack you want…


It doesn’t always turn out the perfect size though. Lots of pre-made batteries are 150mm wide, however two lots of cells is 130mm and I don’t think you would have 20mm of nickel. It is easier to have a reference first before you build to the correct size

What I did was calculate the theoretical dimensions of everything going into the enclosure, and then add another 10% in every dimension. It still ended up a tight fit because I didn’t take the wires and connectors into account. Maybe add 15% instead. My last battery was 10s4p, and it was exactly (or maybe 1/8-1/4" bigger) than the calculation in length and height. Width wise, it was about 15mm bigger, because connections, wiring, foam insulation, heatshrink, and tape.

14.25" long, 20mm high, and 5.75" wide.