Direct Drive Motor protection from small rocks on street boards?

The advent of direct drive motors leave pretty low ground clearance with street wheels on. My 85mm caguama’s only leave about 1/4" or so of clearance between the motor casing and the street. They just finished re-paving the streets in the village next to ours and it’s like riding on clay tennis courts over there. But our neighborhood streets are crap. Hasn’t been paved in more than 20 years. Lots of debris, small pebbles, crumbling blacktop, sticks, twigs, acorn shells - it’s a mess over here and my motor casings are taking a beating. I can prolly fashion something out of aluminum but wondering if any companies make anything?

I was looking for something besides just buying large 100mm+ wheels. Thanks.

Not finding anything I decided to fabricate a rock shield from sheet aluminum. The idea is for small rocks that would normally get caught under the DD’s would bounce away. Pretty junkyard dog lookin’.


… and you can see how well that worked. LOL stupid idea (or bad execution).


Motors are taking a beating.


I’m not interested in the giant 100mm+ wheel weight for more clearance. Now I’m trying aluminum tape which I can just replace periodically and should help a little with heat. Looks cool… let’s see how long it lasts.


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Most DD motors already have a cover over them, if you take off your wheels and adaptors you’ll see a couple of screws, undo them and that black outer motor cover slides off to reveal the motor underneath. No need for extra bash guards, my covers are like 3mm thick on my DD motors.

can confirm that the ribbed cylinder part is a sleeve. I use Boa Wheels 100mm and they work good. Anything above that really kills torque and braking

they already have protection, dont you see the black metal around them?